Yu Jakarta’s Pop Up Bandwagon

The concept of pop up business, is something that we’ve recently heard a lot. Mostly done by young entrepreneurs who’d like to test the waters without investing too much on brick and mortar expenses, in Indonesia pop up stores are identical with Jakarta’s creative industry that offer products or services that differ from the mainstream retail options.

Clothing brands, organic beauty products, other trendy lifestyle products that mostly start their presence in the online realm, were the firsts to jump into the pop up bazaar bandwagon, initiated by ‘style curators’ the likes of Bright Spot Market, or the Finder’s Fair in Cilandak Town Square. You can say it’s the cooler version of your typical bazaar, where words like artisanal, creative, and limited edition are thrown around liberally.

Aside from the curated markets, where different businesses are placed in one place, we’ve recently also come across of one of a more ‘serious’ version of the pop up restaurant. Inspired from the creators’ trips to Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, there’s Yu Jakarta, who places itself as a contemporary Taiwanese eatery, adding distinct Taiwanese flavors to popular American food.

yu pop up jakarta 2

yu pop up jakarta

Few months earlier, it was Park 5 Hotel that was used as their temporary restaurant. When we visited, Yu was having their ‘residency’ in TROUPE’s parking space in Kemang Utara. The common thread, I think, is somewhere hip.

Their menu isn’t big, but it is pretty bold. Their signature, is the taiwanese fried chicken, made ‘taiwanese’ with the use of Chinese five spice powder, served with sweet and spicy sauce, cured egg yolk, and homemade Chinese cucumber pickles. You can have it served on white rice or between soft brioche buns. Any fans of the taiwanese fried chicken will love this, and the simple touch of the pickle is very refreshing.

fried chicken on rice_yu_jakarta2

fried chicken sandwich_yu_jakarta

salted egg ice cream

What caught me by a real surprise was their option for dessert: chocolate chip ice cream topped with salted egg yolk sauce. With the sudden craze in egg yolk everything, I can see how Jakartans would like this seemingly odd combination of taste. Its sweet and salty, and not as crazy as I’d anticipated it to be. But probably because of that afternoon’s heat, my ice cream was a little softer than I’d like it to be.

Want to try the pop up dinner for yourself? To try these contemporary Taiwanese food for yourself track them down in their instagram account or website yujakarta.com.

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