You Can Now Rent Unlimited Designer’s Clothes for Unlimited Style Possibilities

style theory indonesiaDid you ever find yourself complaining that you have nothing to wear. while at the same time  you seep piles of dresses rotting in your wardrobe because it’s only been worn a few times? A new way of enjoying fashion is taking Indonesia’s fast fashion by storm and it could be a new solution to this age old problem.

What is Style Theory?

Style Theory is an online fashion platform for fashion-forward people to get smarter and to be more sustainable in consuming fashion. As opposed to buying your clothing, the service lets its users to rent clothes that allows them to not only save money, but also helps them be more responsible with the waste created. The idea came from the norm of spending hundreds of dollars each month on new clothes, yet we frequently complain of having nothing to wear. It means that the high cost for clothing goes to waste rather quickly, as quick as the next season item is walking down the runway.

What’s exciting?

Founded in Singapore in 2016, Style Theory provides a huge collection of designer clothing. Over 10.000 pieces from over 150 designer labels in Singapore branch, and 2.000 pieces from over 80 designer labels in Indonesia branch. The platform also has a great offer, IDR 990.000/month for an unlimited access to you favorite designer clothing. Interested much? Join the wait list to be able to subscribe the platform and enjoy your unlimited style. For more information, visit their website, their facebook page: Style Theory ID or instagram: @styletheoryid

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