Yeu Saigon Cafe : Vietnamese Cuisine in The Heart of Jakarta

Cuisines from all over the world have brought into Jakarta to satisfy our never-end carving. Then it was only the Western and the Chinese cuisine, but now we could easily find cuisines from Japan, Korea, French, Italia, India, Middle East, you name it. Then, somewhat late but secretly we have been waiting for, Vietnamese cuisine.

Seeping slowly into Jakarta’s dining scene, Vietnamese restaurant has become the new popular destinations, especially for those who practice a healthy lifestyle. One of the best authentic one in the city is definitely Yeu Saigon Café.

OutdoorYeu Saigon Café started as a passion project from the couple Mai and Praba. Together they are bringing Vietnam’s cuisines from different parts and celebrating the fresh and different flavors that the cuisine brings. No MSG is used in their kitchen, and some of their vegetables are grown on the restaurants’ backyards.

roll riceWe can truly experience their passion and love through the foods they are serving. We recommend the Shrimp Fresh Rolls as a starter, a perfect introduction to what Vietnamese cuisine is all about; clean and fresh. What makes it different at Yeu Saigon Café is that they prepare it fresh with best ingredients, making it super crunchy. What’s more, they are using authentic Vietnamese vegetables.

rice rolll 2Getting to know another part of Vietnamese, Banh Cuon, Steamed Rice Rolls Stuffed with Chicken and Mushroom, is another version of rice rolls. Much more savory and soft, it truly highlights the flavor of the herbs. Despite that, real taste of black fungus mushroom is still apparent.

phoWe all know that the real deal of a Vietnamese restaurant is their pho, a heartwarming Vietnamese rice Noodle Soup. Saigon Café takes the cooking process seriously; cooking the broth soup for 12 hours long with no MSG, accompanied with home grown organic Vietnamese herbs. A pho can be enjoyed in different ways; the more hoisin sauce you put in, the sweeter it will be.

dessertsSome of you may have already familiar with the front parts of their menu. But how about the dessert? Vietnam is secretly excelling in dessert, perhaps influenced by France. Yeu Saigon Café serves flan, ganache cakes, and even mousse. For Vietnamese authentic dessert, you can try Che Thap Cam, assorted bean in coconut milk, and Che Khoai Mon, taro sticky sweet soup.

interior 1

Outdoor areaBringing different concept, Yeu Saigon Café’s interior is sophisticated and elegant, while the outdoor area is more cozy and relaxing. Both atmosphere and foods are excellent and well-thought. Definitely a place worth your visit.

Yeu Saigon Cafe

Gran Rubina Business Park
Generali Tower Lt. 1 Unit B
Rasuna Epicentrum Area
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan

+62 21 29115575

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