(X)S.M.L and Pancious in ‘La Storia del Banchetto’

Jakarta, 26 October 2016 – A unique collaboration between two big Indonesian brands, (X)S.M.L and Pancious has reminded us food and fashion have a lot more in common than what we usually think. Inspiring each other, (X)S.M.L has created three classy dresses with strong lines and detailed ruffles, while Pancious come up with five new menus that emphasis the colour of red and black.

The event held last Wednesday at Plaza Indonesia was to introduce the realization of this fun idea to the public, and at the same time celebrating their successful collaboration through the theme ‘La Storia del Banchetto’, or ‘Story of Banquet’ in English. During the event, guests were invited to try out the new menus, and enjoy beautiful performance from the fashion show. Classic modern with daring twist describe the creations, both the food and dresses, really well.

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