World’s First Dengue Vaccine Arrives in Jakarta


What is the current status of dengue vaccine development?

There is a growing  need for effective preventive interventions against dengue, a potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus that threatens to infect close to half of the world’s population, spread by mosquitos.

Unlike malaria, there is no established cure for dengue fever, which can cause severe nausea, bone pain, headaches, rashes, bleeding and even death. The virus can last for up to 10 days. About 390 million people are infected by dengue each year in some 120 countries, particularly in  Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia

After years of research conducted in 15 countries, including Indonesia, one dengue vaccine has finally been approved by WHO, licensed as Dengvaxia®, developed by pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur.

What is Dengvaxia® ?

Dengvaxia is the first dengue vaccine to be licensed. It was first licensed in Mexico in December 2015 for use in individuals 9-45 years of age living in endemic areas. The vaccine is a live dengue vaccine developed by Sanofi Pasteur given as a series of 3 on a 0/6/12 month schedule.

The vaccine has been evaluated in two clinical trials (in five countries in Asia and in five countries in Latin America). Together, these trials included over 35,000 participants aged 2 to 16 years: ages at first vaccination were 2 to 14 years in one trial and 9 to 16 years in another.

WHO’s recommendations related to the Dengue vaccine

WHO recommends that countries should consider introduction of the dengue vaccine only in geographic settings where epidemiological data indicate a high burden of disease.

The vaccine is now available in Indonesia. The Indonesian national agency of drug and food control has licensed Dengvaxia for the use in children and young adolescents ( 9 to 16 years) ONLY. One of the places you can obtain this vaccine is the Good Practice clinic in Jalan Bangka, Jakarta. Please call Good Practice at 021 7183140 or visit for more information.

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    Why dengue only for kids and not for adults?

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