World Scholar’s Cup

On the 26th of June to the 1st of July, the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round was held in Hanoi at the Vietnam National Convention Center. At this round more than 3000 scholars from 50 countries gather to compete in various team events where their skills in debate, writing and research are pushed to prove who is the best of the best.

Preparations for the Hanoi Global Round kicked into high gear immediately after the regional round finish. Global Jaya helped initiate and was host to the first ever Pwaalajar Training Camp on the 22nd and 23rd of June where dozens of scholars from schools all over the capital and neighbouring areas gather to further develop their scholarly skills. Pwaalajar, a (mostly) Indonesian coalition of scholars aiming to create the ultimate learning platform for the World Scholar’s Program.

20170628_08045620170701_182225On the week of the competition, the events were spread within 5 days, with the respective Junior and Senior divisions having their events a day apart. The week opened with an opening ceremony of epic proportions, and then a Scholar’s Scavenge, an event where scholars from different countries are cast out into the Hanoi heat and must band together to complete (and ultimately win) a scavenger hunt. The competition, where the real ‘meat’ of the event was held the next day- when our skills in debate, collaborative writing, and effective memorization and understanding of the curriculum are finally put to the test. At night, the Scholar’s Fair, a hallmark of the Global Round, was held- in which scholars from all over the world showcase their culture in a massive cultural fair.

After a restful day off and a Scholar’s Ball, the 4th day started with the Scholar’s Bowl and the Debate Showcase- marking the end of all of the round’s academic events, and leading into the Scholar’s Show.

It was during the 5th day when the efforts put into the competition got rewarded during the Awards Ceremony. With over 8200 awards from 18 different categories. The Global Jaya delegation won over 140 medals across 24 Scholars from both divisions, with one of our senior teams finding a spot amongst the writing champion teams, placing 8th. In addition, each of us received our very own alpacas to add to each our collections.

In the words of Daniel Berdichevsky ” before we can fall in love with learning, we have to find the fun in learning “, and this method is put to the test during the World Scholar’s Program where students are required to show its utmost attention and passion on the subjects that they are debating. It challenges students to be both dependable and critical, not only of the subject being brought forward but also of their teammates and colleagues. The next season is coming up, and students are preparing more that can be done for the next round where the ultimate challenge is to help create a future that is bigger, better and more magical.



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