With NJSSS, Anyone Can Play Like Messi!

Over the years, Jakarta has seen countless soccer schools offering kids from all ages a platform to practice and learn to play soccer. Parents that are interested to provide soccer related activities for their kids can easily be overwhelmed by the choice!  But of all the soccer schools or also commonly known as Sekolah Sepak Bola, we came across one school stands out from the rest; the North Jakarta super Skills Soccer, a soccer school that focuses on individual skill mastery and uses the unique SuperSkills system, the only system in the world that uses the tested and proven methodology of creating expert dribblers, as the school emulates the world’s most skilled players like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo & Neymar, the school’s ‘poster boys’ and the models for their skill ladder.

“We teach what the soccer schools, clubs and teams are unable to do. Our name says it all: ‘super’ skills which means above and beyond normal skill levels. We concentrate on this and every single player benefits tremendously.” Akash Nathani, the Dojo Master for NJSSS, explained.

SuperSkills run their Dojo classes very similarly to martial arts style training systems.  Everybody has a ball for the entire session, and contrary to regular soccer no passing is allowed in the Dojo, and the only time that the ball is risked is during the final segment of training when they play the game of 1-v-1.  So, as the name indicates, the practices are about creating permanent agility enhancement and higher than normal skill levels in every player.

Akash also said that it took the school 7 years of testing and perfecting the system, and they are constantly innovating to improve it.  “Our coaches spend at least a year in training as we are constantly training and testing them to determine if they are capable of instructing classes, “ Akash explained.


Akash himself has a vast experience as both a player and a coach; he has played for professional teams in Jakarta, Singapore (Youth, U-14/U-16), and even Europe with Pro Vercelli in Italy Serie C and in UK with Bedfont FC (semi-pro). Akash finally moved to the US on a scholarship for Warner Pacific College before injuring his knee and moving into coaching, where he began learning the secrets of SuperSkills and seeing players become superstars at an early age. From that day onwards, there was no turning back, and he has helped transform many kids’ lives, making them into great players on the court and great students off it.

The school also guarantees that each student will learn the secrets to expert dribbling and complete ball mastery.  “We waste no time at all on unnecessary drills.  Every minute counts during a 100 minute SuperSkills trainings. If a player follows this program to the specifications taught and recommended, they cannot help but succeed,” Akash added.


SuperSkills doesn’t teach passing for a very simple reason; their players automatically become excellent passers of the ball as they play 1-v-1 extensively.   All of the types of ‘shooting’ on the goals (cones) actually develop excellently during ‘live’ reality passing skills.

“But what if my kid already has soccer practice at school? Wouldn’t that be enough?” you might ask. Akash explains that the school specifically aims to improve the efficiency of training sessions by organizing and optimizing the training period into perfectly efficient sessions and to ‘transform’ students in to masters of 1-v-1 on the field, and  to be superbly trained and well-disciplined athletes.

Another unique point of NJSSS is that they use a Progressive Belt System adapted from the martial arts to create self-discipline in each student;


Every student starts as a White Belt and then progresses through the 6 levels of the system to reach Red Belt to qualify for employment as an Assistant Coach.  They may then continue on to Purple Belt and ultimately BlackBelt if that is their passion and desire. Purple Belts are full time professional coaches. Black Belts are qualified to teach coaching courses and run Dojos (training centers).  Currently, all Black Belts are currently operating their own Dojos under SuperSkills PTE as franchisees in the countries of the USA, UK, Egypt and Indonesia.

“And this is one of the reasons why we promote and play the game of 1-v-1 soccer above anything else as our competition and our sport. Every 6 months we have our National 1-v-1 Tournaments for all SuperSkillers where they play in their respective age groups for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place medals. The first tournament was held in March 2011 and was so popular and successful that we continued the tradition continuously every 6 months without fail,“Akash said.

 For more information about North Jakarta Super Skills Soccer, check out their website www.njsuperskillssoccer.com, call Akash directly at 0819-0813-6990 or visit the Ancol Dojo at Budi Mulia International School on Mondays, Jl. Lodan Raya No. 2, Ancol North Jakarta, or the Kelapa Gading Dojo at Mahatma Gading School on Tuesdays, 4th floor, Kelapa Gading; where sessions run from 4 to 6pm in the evening.

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