Why Your Business Needs a 360 Virtual Tour

First thing first, what is exactly a 360 virtual panorama view? It refers to a 360 degree simulation of an existing location, usually composed of still images. Panorama indicates an unbroken view, since a panorama can be either a series of photographs or panning video footage.

When used to promote a business, a 360 virtual tour is a powerful method to encourage engagement with your target market, just as powerful as an actual personal tour, accessible with a click of a mouse. This rings very true especially for your tech-savvy customers, who will definitely appreciate your openness and wealth of information that you provide.

But one level above your regular 360 virtual panorama view is a google certified 360 virtual tour, such as the one offered by We360, a leading GOOGLE STREET VIEW certified Agency that gives your business a 360 degree virtual tour which uses the same technology as Google Streetview, so anyone interested in your business can virtually walk around your location and visit your interior from any computer or mobile devices.


Google certified means when you create a 360 panorama with We360, you have the upperhand of being able to increase your visibility on Google by adding a virtual tour and the “see inside option” in the Google My Business Listing, which is the most important directory your business can have online. It gives potential customers identity and location of your business on line both from a desktop and mobile device.

Google My Business local listings today are showing to be the new door for your potential customers to find and connect to your business. Your Knowledge box now dominates the first page of search results both on desktops and on Mobile devices.

Based on a recent research, 63% customers who search a google-listed business will click through the google box before they click your website, which means by having a 360 virtual tour, you will organically increase your visibility in google too.


Not only that, your virtual tour will also be displayed on all google apps: google search, google map, google local search, google mobile, google plus–and any google creations in the future.

With your listing on Google, your potential customers will have access to your location, contact details, pictures, virtual visit, booking options and review. We360 will assist you to display the correct location on Google Maps. Let your clients find you easily and look at your virtual visit and pictures directly from the map.

Financially, We360’s virtual tour is the most feasible to as there’s monthly or cost per click, with a ONE -TIME payment, your virtual tour is hosted for life by Google.

For more information about google virtual tour or We360, visit www.360group.com or contact us at [email protected]

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