Where to buy second hand stuff in Jakarta?

We have recently relocated to Jakarta and are looking for various household items such as a washing machine, garden furniture, sofas etc and just wondering if there are “garage” type sales for second hand items when people leave and move abroad? Many thanks

Hi, You can join the Jakarta buy and sell community in facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/512824992134698/ or you can read our past answers here http://askexpatsjakarta.blogspot.co.id/search?q=garage+sale


How do I put an advert in the Upper Crust?
Hi Tina/Lara Just a quick question – how do I put an advert in the Upper Crust site for getting a new job for my driver ? Thanks John
Hi John, Send an email to [email protected] with subject line as: “register me for classified ads”.
If you dont start receiving them within one weeks time, send one more and in the email body type, “second request to register for classified ads”.
But www.WhatsNewJakarta.com now also have garage sale section which you can send the details to [email protected] with subject line as “CLASSIFIED ADS” and we will post it for free, simply email to [email protected]

Cheers, Lara & Tina

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  1. jin

    Hi there I have the same question, perhaps you got the info already, thanks

  2. Alka

    Hi !
    I wanted to buy piano. If someone is selling it , please let me know.

  3. Zachruddin

    Hi Tina/Lara Just a quick question, How I get information about list of expat leaving from indonesia to sale some stuff…..Thx Zachruddin

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