Welcoming a Year of Red Fire Monkey at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Borobudur Chinese New YEar 2016 Celebration 1

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta held a Lion Dance attraction, Gu Zheng – Chinese traditional music, and Erhu to give a different atmosphere for guests. Hotel Borobudur Jakarta presents a Lion Dance as an annual event. In addition to entertaining guests, it is also an effort to preserve the traditional Chinese arts and culture. The Lion Dance is also believed to bring good luck and fortune for life.

Borobudur Chinese New YEar 2016 Celebration 2

For the opening attraction, the auspicious fruit, Oranges, were “eaten” by the Lion. Also the Red Envelopes containing money were hanging highly on the stick, while the Lion danced and took it with attractive style. Those Oranges and Red Envelope’s attractions were led by General Manager Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, Mr. Patrick Beck.

Lion Dance Performances begins at 12:00 noon in the front of lobby which is then followed by attraction in Bogor Cafe and Teratai Chinese Restaurant.

Borobudur Chinese New YEar 2016 Celebration

Seen in the picture: General Manager, Patrick Beck in the opening attraction of Barongsai at Lobby area, February 8, 2016.

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