Viva Vietnam, The Healthier Side of Southeast Asian Food

Vietnamese food has long been considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. With the heavy use of fresh vegetables, a lot of poaching and steaming in their cooking techniques, the Vietnamese has managed to get the most texture and flavors out of simple ingredients like no other cuisine can.

The most popular types of Vietnamese food, are the pho, rice noodle soup served in clear refreshing chicken, beef or even vegetable broth topped with fresh aromatic vegetables, as well as the Banh Mi, a sandwich using Vietnam’s own version of the French baguette that is more crispy on the outside and airy inside. On the streets of Ha Noi, you will see sellers of this classic sandwich in nearly all corners of the street, reinstating its status as a national staple.

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You must certainly have tried Gỏi Cuốn, the Vietnamese spring rolls made with steamed rice flour sheets chock full with (again) fresh vegetables, shrimp or chicken,  dipped in the variety of dipping sauces Nước chấm that we love so much.

But Vietnamese food is not only just pho, banh mi, and the spring rolls. To explore more Vietnamese food beyond the aforementioned, head to Asia Restaurants at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan. For 10 days only, from 12 –22 July 2017, you can enjoy an array of they will showcase true Vietnamese flavors in the restaurant’s buffet spread, Starting from IDR 318.000 ++ per person.

Fans of pho will like the refreshing Phởgà (Vietnamese chicken noodlesoup), and for a different way to enjoy the Bòkho -bánh mì gives you a different way to enjoy the baguette, served with stewed beef.

Another favorite would be the Gà rang me, fried chicken with tamarind sauce served with steamed rice, that showcases the region’s love affair with sweet and spicy. Ready to tuck in?

For more information and reservation, contact 021 2551 8888/ 8380 / 8321 or email at: [email protected]

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