Current Sweet Crush: Union’s Coffee Crumble Cake

Union is notorious for their American style baked goods, with their generous portions and timeless flavors. They are the one that started, and manage to keep around, the seemingly bygone fad red velvet cake trend. Other than the classics like the Carrot Cake, pastry chef Karen Carlotta also makes creations such as Speculaas Cake and Nastar Crumble Cake a staple.

The latest addition to the cake line up is the the New Coffee Crumble Cake: featuring fluffy sponge cake ( a strong forte of Karen) coated with light coffee whipped cream, and topped with honeycomb crumble. 

coffee crumble cake union jakarta 2 coffee crumble cake union jakarta

This cake is by far the least ‘sweet’ cakes of Union, and will get anyone, even those who claim they don’t have a sweet tooth (who are you people?!) will have a problem NOT finishing a whole portion.

Because of Jakarta’s humidity (that will undoubtedly melt the honeycomb to utter liquid within minutes) this cake is only available per portion and for dine in only. It is also not on display, so be sure for ask for it off the menu.

Go and have a try!

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