UNION Kicks Classic Cocktails Up A Notch

Union’s bar menu has always been thick with American Classic drinks, with some modern american drinks thrown here and there. But in addition to their regulars, this month, the american brasserie launched 12 new cocktails, courtesy of their group bartenders, Kiki Moka and also ‘Bule’ Mirwansyah, both cocktail veterans that have won numerous awards on behalf of Union.


union after dark_2

union after dark

From the menu, I picked several that caught my attention the most. What used to be mint julep has been upgraded to the new version of Sparkling Julep (140k), that blends French Brandy, Italian prosecco, green chartreuse, a french liquor traditionally made by Chartusian Monk from herbs and plants that has a beautiful natural green color, before topped with peach slices and mint sprigs.

union jakarta cocktail sparkling julep_

For something rowdier, there’s no mistaking in a name like Public Enemy No. 1 (150k) which lists bulleit bourbon, cynar the artichoke bitter liqueur that has made its way to replace of Campari in countless twists on the classic Negroni in modern American bars, cherry liqueur, and just a dash of the infamous absinthe. Talk about a strong drink! This PE No. 1 is dramatically presented in a stainless steel whiskey flask hidden in a carved out book-prohibition style.

union jakarta cocktail public enemy

union jakarta cocktail public enemy2

If you are more into a much much milder drink, their rendition of the pina colada, The Finer Colada (100k) is a must try. It has a big shoe to fill though; the previous Deconstructed Pina Colada, with pineapple chunks and coconut sorbet, is a delicious clash of liquor and dessert deserving of its own meal classification. But this Finer tuned one definitely lived up to the expectation as the smoothness of pineapple-infused rum, with coconut liqueur, are mellowed out even more with coconut puree and just the right amount of hazelnut syrup. This white creamy drink is then presented with a charming little banana leaf cone filled with candied coconut.


Lastly, I tried The Normandy (150k), which name derived from the region of France where the famous apple brandy that makes this drink, Calvados, is from. Mixed with prosecco, and also angostura bitter, served on the rocks with a couple of raspberries, garnished with a bloomin’ orchid.

union jakarta cocktail normandy

I am sure the other new drinks hold as much punch as well as innovative twists as these one.  Check out the Ahuevo Mojito, Beacon Hill, El Mexicano, HIghland Swizzle, and many more. This one bar, is never to be taken lightly. Bottoms up!

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