Tutor Time Indonesia Supports Red Nose Foundation with ‘Care to Share’ Charity Event

theres-a-lot-to-celebrate-1Tutor Time Indonesia recently held a fund-raising bazaar at Tutor Time Kemang in an effort to raise funds for Red Nose Foundation on Saturday, November 5th, 2016. Held at Tutor Time Kemang, the classrooms are transformed into different places from around the world, taking the children to Venice, China, America, and experiencing winter, autumn, spring. This event was only the first of a series of 9 fund-raising events held in all 9 of Tutor Time Indonesia’s, Care to Share 2016, a biannual fundraising driven by Tutor Time Indonesia to encourage parents and students to donate to a selected organization.

With the theme “There’s a lot to celebrate”, this event wants to not only teach kids about empathy, but also to involve parents & teachers who went to great lengths to contribute their time and talents to create exciting fundraising events, which included bazaar, car wash, crafts auctions, and music performances.

Children squealed with delight when visiting and engaging meaningfully in Santa’s workshop. At Winter Wonderland, they pretended to be Eskimos and learnt to build an igloo. The Easter buggy ride around the track gave them a nice quiet time to replenish their energy. Halloween invited everyone for a room on the broom. It certainly took a while to get children moving from their ‘create your own magic potion’ table!


Thanksgiving had the children helped the cold turkey to find its feathers back through an obstacle course while special bonding was seen when Fathers dressed as dragons, helped their child grab the hanging angpau (hongbao) and wishing ‘gongxi facai’ to one another.

hey also got to read their fortune cookies of the day. Indonesian Independence Festival had a Topeng Dance class and free ride on the Odong Odong and the Carnival of Venice was one not to be missed! Children rowed their own gondolas to reach the wishing well.

This year, Tutor Time Indonesia has chosen Red Nose Foundation as the beneficiary of the collected funds. Red Nose Foundation has been chose for its consistency in providing daily education and arts classes to more than 300 underprivileged children in Cilincing, North Jakarta.

Aside from raising funds for charity, Care to Share 2016 also aims to teach Tutor Time’s children about empathy for others. Empathy is an important component of social and emotional development so it needs to be repeatedly modeled and encouraged to children from a very young age. Tutor Time uses various ways to develop empathy and other social-emotional skills in our classrooms, from Toddler class to Kindergarten, throughout the school year.

All proceeds will go to Red Nose Foundation http://rednosefoundation.org/. For more information about Tutor TIme, visit www.tutortime.co.idor visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TutorTimeID

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