Travers Premium Barbershop Opens in Jakarta

Barbershop has been around for centuries, so why only now it has become such a big phenomenon in Jakarta? Apparently, for decades, men had had lack of choices when it comes to a place to groom their hair. Old barbershop services that were good have become outdated and cannot keep up with the growing demands of modern men. We are talking about those small traditional barbershops at the street sides.

So men shift to salons to have services that up to standard. If you are a man and often feels a little uncomfortable every time you have to go to a salon, don’t worry it’s quite normal. Salons, after all, are designed to please women. But most importantly, and regrettably, most salons don’t have high-quality trimming tools.

travers_4But men no longer have to compromise. These days there are a lot of premium barbershop opening around the city. One of them is Travers Barbershop, one of the successful pioneer in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatera, that just opened its new branch in Jakarta.

travers_3Travers offers a full premium service with affordable price at Kelapa Gading area. This means each time you visited the place, you will feel welcomed by the young friendly staffs, treated professionally by their barber hair stylists, and have a pleasant experience after getting their services that include hair washing and light shoulders massages. Interestingly, despite the inconvenience it might face, Travers has gathered the finest stylists from across Indonesia through a tight selection process. Now there are four stylists who are ready to show their crafts and talents. At Travers you may also try their premium products that imported from Netherlands.

travers_8Of course, barbershops are no longer exclusive for men. Women who have trimmed or short hair may enjoy the premium services with all the benefits; more stylish and neater looks. The price? A visit to Travers will only cost you around IDR 90,000.



Travers Barbershop
Jl. Kelapa Cengkir, Ruko, No. 23
Opening hours: 10.00 AM – 09.00 PM


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