Helo again there peeps!

As some of you may have noticed we are experiencing an increase in rush hour traffic. Don’t be alarmed (yes, what else can we do), every year, during puasa the traffic in Jakarta is always like that, especially closer to Eid-al-Fitr, the city will experience a rise in traffic congestion. That on top of all the constructions the city is currently undergoing (Mampang Prapatan Underpass, MRT Construction, etc) we would be wiser to use public transportation, because things will get a tad crazy. Check out cool iftar buffet offers under 250K, or perhaps you can jot the schedule down for a big hari raya dinner or lunch ? check out the selections of packages that hotel have for your holiday season.

Admittedly that Jakarta has been a bit quiet when it comes to nightlife during the Ramadan period, but rest your laurels, because there are still some bars that are open for your alcohol fix, after all, this is a multi-cultural city, so you are bound to find good promotions and offers on anything alcoholic. Check out some of your favourite spots from Satu Lagi Bar to De Hooi Pondok Indah, we’re sure, it’ll suit your fancy. In the meantime, have you seen Wonder Woman? We’ve been hearing praise about the movie. Anyhow have a good week ahead………

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