Top Hidden Places to See Sunset in Bali

We love Bali and we love sunsets, and there’s absolutely no shortage of breathtaking views of the sunset on this tropical paradise island that are undoubtedly instagram upload-worthy. So we give you this list of sunset in hidden beaches in Bali:

Amed Beach

Amed Beach East Bali is the beauty you dream about. This is a special paradise of outstanding exotic beauty, cultural life and the faces of the people were friendly. Here you can finally find peace and tranquility, enjoy delicious food and enjoy the advantages of comfortable accommodation and cheap.

Amed offers an excellent dive sites including if you want to practice diving. Having a flat lagoons and coral reefs simply swim for 5 minutes to be able to enjoy this marvelous scenery.

This location is highly recommended for the divers beginners. This activity is fun and appropriate for everyone. Snorkeling and diving on the black sand beach here is incredible, the type and amount of fish on this beach, including the best among the other beaches in Bali and the water temperature is 28 degrees. A swarm of cardinal fish, triggerfish, black snappers, pyramid butterflies, banner fish, and damselfish can be seen in Bali’s sand, coral table, big fan gorgonians, Acropora, Dendronephthya trees, sponges, crinoids, and sea fans are commonly found at a depth of 20 meter.

bali free sunset - amed

Tegal Wangi Jimbaran Beach

The location of Tegal Wangi Jimbaran beach located in the area of the traditional village of Jimbaran, exactly the way toward the hotel Ayana Resort. Follow the signposts towards Pura Tegal Wangi, and you will see a stretch of beach right in front of the temple. If you come from Ngurah Rai will take approximately 30 minutes to reach the beach Tegal Wangi Jimbaran.

You can see the panorama of high cliffs with green trees when you’re on the edge of the cliff before entering the beach Tegal Wangi. Hotel Ayana Resort also visible from this cliff and the Rock Bar is also visible from this spot.

Tegal Wangi Bali beach is still in the category of hidden beaches in Bali, so you have to walk down through the trail of a rather steep limestone about twenty meters to be able to set foot on the sand beach.

In addition you can see the waves with turquoise water with white sand a bit rough but comfortable on the feet. If you want to see the sunset without a lot of people around you, then this is the perfect place.

bali free sunset - tegal wangi

Mesari Beach

Mesari Beach or most commonly known as the Double Six Beach, located in the Seminyak area and become one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting Bali.

Besides the beauty of the white sand, Mesari beach have large enough are so as to allow more visitors to enjoy the sunset, or even jogging, playing ball, and sunbathing.

The view of the sunset here is one of the best in Bali. If you have more budget, you can enjoy it while sitting under colorful umbrellas at cafe La Plancha.

bali free sunset - mesari

Batubelig Beach

The beauty of the beach recreation area in Bali is not only owned by the attractions of Kuta, Sanur and Tanjung Benoa, charm offered by a beach located in the village this Batubelig deserve no less interesting to visit, this place presents even more and different atmosphere. Coastal white sand gently sloping splayed, prepared as a place to relax, the charm of the sunset on the horizon looks perfect as slowly disappearing swallowed by the ocean on the horizon leg boundary, including its location on the outskirts of the city, thus providing a more calm atmosphere and privacy.

Batubelig beach is not as popular Kuta, however, its beauty can make the audience amazed, quiet atmosphere which served quite give peace to every visitor, giving place freely for us especially the children to enjoy the soft white sand beaches, fatigue and boredom you will feel buried while visiting here. The waves relatively calm, so parents feel calmer to supervise their children bathing, playing, chasing each other and playing ball, the place is quite enriching choice of tourists to visit attractions in Bali.

Batubelig is located on the north coast of Petitenget, in the south there is Seminyak, Legian and Kuta, four are in the shoreline. There is a current meeting on this beach, so swim and bathe in the appointed place. Batubelig region is also home to the development of tourism, so you can easily find a hotel, villa or restaurant, however inadequately controlled development, this region still some places we can discover the activities of farmers working on paddy fields, the atmosphere seemed more green. From Ngurah Rai can be taken approximately 30 minutes of driving.

bali free sunset - batubelig

Melasti Beach

Melasti beach is located on the south coast of Bali precisely in Ungasan Village, and is adjacent to Bali Beach Cliff. The location can be reached from Jimbaran approximately 15 minutes.

Melasti Beach Known as the beach is often used for Melasti ceremony by local residents on a particular day, for example before Nyepi. Currently access to this beach has been well laid. It proved the existence of the asphalt road towards the edge of the ravine that crosses the coast it often becomes the background of the photo shoot location, its height can be 100-150 meters. Just like the Pandawa Beach, this access opportunities for tourists who visit on holiday in Bali to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach from a variety of viewpoints. Here has not appeared any public facility that signifies as a tourist destination.

Melasti Beach location in the future will be developed as a center for water sports like the one in Tanjung Benoa like activity jetski, banana boat, etc. So later this could be an alternative place for watersport lovers in Bali.

The coast will also be made a bridge that juts out to sea. The aim is to facilitate local people to perform religious rites and to make it easier for “nganyud” ceremony out to sea. Because previously had to use boats to conduct “nganyud”.

bali free sunset - melasti


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