7 Tips to Stay Fit in Jakarta

It is no easy fit; the lack of walking trails, its pollution level and the abundance of greasy salty food makes staying fit becomes a real challenge. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to bolt out the city or let the waistline loose; you just need to make time, and find different ways every time. Here, give you some important tips to keep your health on check:

1. Don’t miss the Car Free Day


From 6 to 11 every Sunday, the main road of Sudirman and Thamrin is sterilized from any motorized vehicles to give way to thousands of people flock the usually busy and polluted street to walk, jog, cycle or any sports activity you can think of. Once you’ve tried it, you will wish it’ done every morning.  Lots of people bring their whole family, including their four legged family too!

2. Be picky with the tasty Indonesian food


One thing that lots of expats complain about as they settle down in Jakarta, is how easy it is to gain weight and waist line! If you do eat Indonesian food daily, try to limit or even omit white rice, the main carbohydrate source for Indonesians that is very high in glycemic index. Second, avoid the street gorengan (fried food) at all cost! They’re very-very greasy and most of the time the source of the oil is very questionable. Third, load up with fresh vegetables. Tips: Sundanese restaurants usually provide ‘free refill’ lalapan or raw vegetables, paired with sambal.

3. Get organic juice & products to delivered to your door


Organic and cold press juice are seem to be the hot trend recently. Consequently, there have been many home businesses and online shops now offer drinks made fresh from green leafy vegetables and fruits. But then you might be too busy working and you don’t have time to make one. just give them a text or call and they will directly deliver it to your door!With prices ranging from Rp 20.000 – Rp 50.000. Awesome way to beat the traffic, pollution, and get the nutrition!

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