The Prohibition: Traveling Back to a 1920s Speakeasy Bar

Located on the 2nd floor in Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Prohibition was named after the alcohol-banning era of 1920s in America, and hence calls itself a ‘speakeasy bar’, a term for establishments that serve the then illegal alcoholic drinks during that time.

The restaurant’s Art Deco interior design brings the classic American vintage feel, with stark geometric black and white carpetting and walls adorned with vintage pictures. Some corners also adopts the bare brick wall facade, and lends the feeling of a seasoned New York bar.

The bar offers classic Prohibition era cocktails, while the Speakeasy Bar is a members only club for engaging, mature and refined gentlemen offering one of Jakarta’s best selections of premium spirits, single mall whiskies and imported cigars.The Prohibition also bears the name ‘chophouse’, as it claims to serve “food fit for gangsters”. It caters to all who enjoys the best prime steaks, fresh flown seafood, pastas and fine wine. During lunch PROHIBITION enjoys fashionable, well-groomed groups of women and business executives, while dinner becomes the after-work hangout for businessmen, the families and friends.

prohibition-2 prohibition1 prohibition-3

One of Prohibition’s signature menus is the Gangster Meat Platter, combine with these following choices: US Tenderloin, Striploin, Prime Rib Eye, Spring Chicken or Lamb Cutlet. For the less meaty menu, we recommend trying the Prime Ocean Cold Platters, consisting of lobsters, oysters, king crab, prawns, sea urchin & baby winkles, served on ice with shallot, vinegar, lemons, homemade mayonnaise, served with a basket of bread.

prohibition-5 prohibition 4

Scallop Skewers, imported scallops wrapped in smoked bacon and cherry tomatoes.


Foie Gras Skewers, grilled  foie gras chunks with smoked bacon.


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