The Nikkei Diary II : The Evolution

We are following up on our Nikkei Diary articles with the second edition; The Evolution. The first article, which you can find here, tells us the basic cuisine that is the beautiful love-child between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. It is known worldwide as Nikkei cuisine. But its beauty doesn’t lie on the basic invention, but more to the evolution that it has contributed to the dynamics of worldwide culinary.

For this second article, we will delve deeper into the evolution of Nikkei cuisine that is heavily contributed by Japanese settlers in the early 19th century Peru. Some of the menus that have helped define the modern Nikkei cuisine today includes some of the South-American favorites and essential Japanese cooking style and ingredients. Three of the essential menus are; Arroz con Pato, Udon Carbonara and Anticuchos (Peruvian marinated skewer).


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It is quite impossibly hard to not fall in love with this dish. This grilled meat-skewers usually use Llama meat, but beef is much more common nowadays as in most part of the world, Llama is quite hard to look for. Combining soy sauce and yuzu with Peruvian ingredients has become the norm with anticuchos with additions of aji amarillo and aji panca, it is a common food and one of the most famous Nikkei cuisines in the world. It is loved not only because of its rich taste, but also it’s quite easy to make, so it makes for a perfect day-to-day snack or complementary food.


The origins of this cuisine are very hard to pin down, with so many South American countries claiming it to be their own. But the origin of this chicken and rice (or duck and rice) cuisine is far richer than many have come to acknowledge it. Cooking the rice and chicken (or duck) with alcohol which imparts a delicious savory to the dish.


2017_1102_17273300 (1)There is a large Italian community in Southern Brazil, and they have also influenced Nikkei cuisine over the years. One of the strong examples of this is the Udon Carbonara, where the traditional Japanese noodle is cooked using creamy ingredients that have made Carbonara such a famous cuisine all over the world. The egg yolks are also used to add necessary richness to the dish without forgetting its tradition and culture, this remains one of the fine examples of the marriage of Japanese, Peruvian and European cuisine.


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