The New Face of Pavilion Restaurant at JW Marriott Surabaya

JW Marriott Sby Pavilion Restaurant

8 November 2017, Pavilion Restaurant by JW Marriott Surabaya officially re-opening with new look. With an exquisite menu, modern design interior with a touch of greenhouse atmosphere, combined with a fresh garden feel and a wide selection of the finest food, makes Pavilion Restaurant become the most dynamic and modern restaurant that worth a try for culinary enthusiasts in Surabaya.

Featuring a classy new concept, the Pavilion Restaurant now has white, gray, and natural color dominance for interior and restaurant ornaments. Pavilion Restaurant also offers variety of new food stations to pamper the guest sense of flavor. Some of the newest food stations that should be the main attention of the guest are live pizza station, gelato station, pasta station, and live pastry baking station.

There are several new stations that should be highlighted by the culinary lovers of Surabaya in Pavilion Restaurant. For example, Gelato station Pavilion Restaurant which has a different taste variant each day. Gelato Station Pavilion Restaurant presents unique flavors and sensations for culinary connoisseurs, ranging from Charcoals flavored gelato, with solid black color and has a detoxifying effect on the body, gelato with dawet that has a distinctive sweetness of Javanese sugar, to the wasabi flavor gelato that certainly has never been tasted by culinary enthusiasts in Surabaya! In addition to presenting a unique and exciting taste to try, Gelato Station Pavilion Restaurant also provides 12 exciting toppings each day to complement the delicious flavors of Pavilion Restaurant’s Gelato.

In addition to Gelato Station, Pizza Station is also one of the highlights of the new Restaurant Pavilion. At Pizza Station, guests can try mix and match 23 delicious pizza toppings served by Chef Andri, Executive Chef JW Marriott Surabaya and witness the uniqueness of live pizza making by Professional Chef. Teppanyaki live station that serves Martabak with variant contents variants, Quesadillas, Kebabs, and various other delicious dishes also definitely should not be missed by Pavilion Restaurant culinary lovers.

One of the new menu that worth trying is Barbeque Tamarind Ribs. Made from beef ribs of high quality choice, seasoned with tamarind, honey, cinnamon, cardamom, tabasco sauce, and other spices, then being baked slowly with a small fire for 36 hours resulting in a tender, juicy meat texture, and of course has a very delicious taste. In addition to Barbeque Tamarind Ribs, Pavilion Restaurant also serves Rujak Cingur, East Java delights, which are processed by experienced chefs in front of guests directly using only fresh and high quality ingredients. Not only Western and Indonesian cuisine, this all-day dining restaurant also serves a variety of sushi and dim sum that guests can enjoy.

The new Pavilion Restaurant can now accommodate up to 249 people. The new Pavilion Restaurant is providing a stage which makes Pavilion Restaurant suitable to be the first choice of visitors who want to hold events or gathering. The restaurant staffs that’re wearing new elegant uniform will always ready to help the guests during event and will always try to provide the best service for the guests. The Pavilion Restaurant now also provides smoking area for smoking guests and also has a VIP room in a mezzanine area with a capacity of 24 for visitors who prefer to have more privacy.

The price offered for lunch buffet in Pavilion Restaurant from Monday to Friday is IDR 298.000,- net and for dinner is IDR 378.000,- net. Meanwhile for lunch buffet price offered is IDR 318.000,- net and for dinner is IDR 398.000,- net. If guests order a buffet package of more than 20 people, guests will get a 25% discount for Monday – Friday and 20% discount for Saturday and Sunday. Beside buffet package, Pavilion Restaurant is also serves variety of luscious a la carte menu for guests to enjoy.

With excellent facilities and completely new interiors, delicious food, and good service from the staff, Pavilion Restaurant is the best place to dine for culinary lovers. Visit the JW Marriott Surabaya Pavilion Restaurant and enjoy the best dining experience in Surabaya!

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