The Dutch Introduces New Menu

As a restaurant popular for its selection of beer and meals with lots of touches of home cured or smoked meats, The Dutch recently came up with some new addition to their menu. But this time around, Chef Chris Moies has added up some more items to his grill menu. We tried a couple that definitely stood out.

First it’s about time that they include Steak Frites in the menu! Served with mushroom, green peppers, gravy (195k). A beautiful cut of steak tenderloin fillet served with fries, and a choice of mushroom, green pepper, or reduction gravy. I tried all three and my favorite, would be the gravy, which obviously didn’t come from powder. It tastes incredibly rich and velvety, a perfect pair with its tender meat and humble fries.

steak frites new menu the dutch

the dutch pork chop_new menu

Another addition to the menu is the decadent pork chop. And don’t think of a flimsy thin cut of chop either. The Dutch’s pork chop is as thick and as juicy as it can be. Served with red bell pepper, hand cut fries, with mushroom sauce (285k) It is one damn fine meal.

This time, I also tried their Bar Menu items that’s perfect for snacking and sharing. Must try is The Dutch Hot Dog (90k) that instead the usual beef or pork sausage, The Dutch uses their homemade smoked Duck Sausage topped with sauerkraut and mustard, served with fries.

the dutch_hot_dog_new_menu

dory po boy sandwich the dutch

These ones aren’t new, but it’s worth mentioning that The Dutch has a great pick for lunch. I wanted to try their fish items, so I tried the Fried Dory Po’ Boy Sandwich, served with remoulade and pickles (90k) and the Spicy Barramundi with green tomato pickle and rice (125k) that has a distinct Balinese style ingredients that’s apparently quite popular among The Dutch’s regulars.

lemon haze the dutch


For desserts, don’t miss the dutch’s answer to the classic pancakes. The banana pannenkoeken, served with coconut ice cream and palm sugar (65k). Simple but decadent!

For a boozy end to your meal, try the Lemon Haze, with gin, soju, soy milk, yuzu juice, and elderflower syrup. Served inside a glass dome with a cracked egg shell filled with dry ice on the side for the haze effect. A fun and very tasty drink which any yuzu fans will love.

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The Dutch Jakarta
18 Parc Place Tower E GF. SCBD, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 515 2828
Mon-Thu, Sun: 11AM–1AM
Friday – Sat: 11AM–2AM

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