The Best of Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2017

Anyone who went to Jakarta Culinary Feastival last week, 16 – 19 November 2017, must have witnessed the vibrant Jakarta culinary scene and enjoyed everything it has offered. A total of 78 brands participate in the festival, as well as a total of 38 culinary stars from Asia and Australia.


JCF-2The festive atmosphere begins as soon as you step inside the two tents. At the Spoon Tent, the crowds are pampered with 20 best-selling GO-FOOD merchants in Jakarta, including the phenomenal Eatlah and Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih. Inside, top restaurant brands from across Indonesia offer their best representation of their cooking. It is basically a food heaven!

JCF-3At the outdoor area of the Fork Tent, food trucks offer creative and yummy delicacies at an affordable price. Whereas inside, Dessert and Coffee stations are filled with high-quality chocolate, cream, milk, tea, coffee, and other impressive ingredients. Some brands that you can find here are Sweet Monster, St. Ali, BEAU, Common Grounds, and Pipiltin Cocoa. From both tents, there are 6 stages where more than 100 activities held; a workshop, cooking class, games, competitions, tasting table, cooking stage, masterclasses, and many more.

JCF-4Supported by Go-Jek, there are plenty of promotions including a cash back and special discount by using their application, adding the merry in the festival. What’s more, Go-Jek also features cute photo booth installation where everyone can pose with the super-sized food and beverages. As our Instagram filled with fun posts and boomerang, we are glad that Go-Jek has participated in things beyond our expectation.


JCF-6To taste, sip, learn, and have fun. Jakarta Culinary Feastival has succeeded in gathering foodies and culinary experts from across Jakarta to support the growth of the city’s culinary industry.

“As Ismaya’s passion in all things culinary continues to grow, so does our commitment in advancing the food culture in Indonesia and beyond,” says Christian Rijanto, Ismaya Group’s Co-founder and Marketing Director. “It is only with your support that we can flourish and bring Jakarta and therefore Indonesia, as Asia’s top culinary destination.”

Let’s hope that Ismaya will bring an even better and bigger JFC next year!

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