Super Soft-Squishy Gluten Free Planets Playdough

SWA2Little Scientists at Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) elementary school made their own amazingly soft scented cornflour and conditioner playdough. At the same time, they learnt to build the model of the universe also known as the inner planets. It was so easy and quick to make for a sensory and imaginative play fun.

SWA3The malleable properties of playdough made it fun for exploration as well as building up strength in all their tiny hand muscles and tendons. Poking in objects and pulling them out of playdough strengthens hand muscles and coordination. It can be cut, scored, raked, punctured, poked, squashed, squeezed, rolled, flattened, chopped and shredded! Each one of these different actions aids fine motor development in a different way, hand-eye coordination, and general concentration.

SWA4The activity was related to the Solar System. Astronomers  divide the planets into two groups — the inner planets and the outer planets. The inner planets are closer to the Sun and are smaller. The outer planets are further away, larger and made up mostly of gas.

SWA5The inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The interesting thing is, in this activity students also learnt to mix colour in order to match the colour of the planets: sun is red, Mercury grey, Venus pale yellow, Earth blue and green, and Mars reddish brown.

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