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Since its arrival in January this year, Super Loco has successfully ticked our curiosity with the preceding buzz of its sister restaurants that have become one of Singapore’s coolest Mexican food places, Super Loco and Lucha Loco.

One thing for sure, it was pretty obvious that the restaurant & bar was not going to be the run of the mill mexican food that we are used to in Jakarta, which are mostly Tex Mex – referring to the Americanized (read: dulled down) version of the real deal south of their border.

But before trying the food, let’s talk about how cool this place is. Despite taking only a small space in a corner of SCBD’s Pacific Place, Super Loco manages to overcome the size issue with bold design. Bright colors of pink, green, gold and red are liberally, yet articulately, splashed all over. Outside, booth tables are limited to three with low tables, encouraging a talk over food, not the other way around. And inside, tables are rather crammed, like a friendly neighborhood restaurant in downtown Mexico City, but ceilings are high with classic style chandelier contrasted with modern abstract mural on bare walls.

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On the table, the menus printed on simple pink and green papers doubles as the place mats, to further give the feel of casual joint. What’s printed is a pretty simply categorized items too; from antojitos (snacks), tacos, salads, quesadillas, large sharing plates, desserts.

To sample the heart of mexican food, the salsas, go for the Con Todos where a portion of crispy totopos or corn chips are served with their fresh salsa roja, guacamole, and, my favorite, the (seriously) spicy and refreshing pina salsa (made with charred habanero chili, pineapple, coriander, and ginger). Other than as a fiery appetizer, in a hot & steamy Jakarta day,this would go incredibly well to pair with margarita too.

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Aside from the quesadillas, other shareable items include the tostaditas, crispy corn tortillas with exotic toppings such as blue swimmer crab (cangrejo) mixed with habanero mayo, as well as the huitlacoche the mexican truffle with wild mushrooms, sweet corn, goat cheese, and serrano chili salsa.

For a healthier option, try the tangy Quinoa Salad mixed with Sweet corn, diced green apple, pico de gallo, coriander, lettuce, mojo verde (A garlicky green sauce native of Canary island in Spain), is quite refreshing. As a side, the elotes, barbecued corn on the cob, are spread with chipotle mayo, cheese, and lime, is a must try. But the vegetables is not just salads; vegetarians will be pleased to find that Super Loco has nearly one vegetarian item for each food category.

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Onwards to real test of any Mexican place. Los Tacos! Super Loco lets you mix and match any of the 6 taco as they are priced per piece. Each gives you a soft corn tortilla with overflowing topping. the Chachete y Lengua: ox tongue & cheek (ha!) with pickled coleslaw and ghost chili mayo is nice and tender while the Baja will give you crispy fried fish with chili mango salsa, mint, white cabbage, and chipotle mayo. So far so good, though for the amount of filling, these tacos can easily fill twice as much tortillas!

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For a more serious portion, super loco offers family size dishes (though it’s not really that big) that includes the super-succulent Carne Asada (grilled meat) using 280 grams marinated angus rib-eye, served with smoked jalapeno mayo, fresh lemon, and a sweet and earthy huitlacoche jus.

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From the bar, Super Loco has a separate menu for drinks and cocktails, on which we see a lot of tequila and mezcal based drinks. Their seriousness is reflected on their collection of the mexican liquor, which is currently the biggest in the city. From the basic, to rare aged ones. Our favorite thought, both in taste, portion, and presentation, is the Sangria Rojo that will get a company of two a nice warm buzz. Or for a less flamboyant drink, their margaritas and mezcalitas are equally as tasty and refreshing.

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For desserts, the warm and hearty blue corn bread served with vanilla ice cream and berries will round up your palate to a full circle. While the crispy churros served with dark chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce is perfect to share over chit chats.

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Hands down, Super Loco is the best representation of Mexican food and fiesta culture; with its fiery sauce, playful attitude, strong (but flavorful) drinks, and great food, it is hard to beat this one. Super Loco makes any casual drop-ins a true mexican fiesta. 

Super Loco 
Hours: Monday – Friday : 10AM – Late
Saturday – Sunday:
9AM – 4PM Weekend Brunch
5PM – Late Dinner

Pacific Place • Ground Floor Unit G-05D Sudirman Central Business District
Jl Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Phone: +6221.57973553
Email: [email protected]
Instagram @superlocojkt
Facebook – Super Loco Jakarta

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