The Legendary Steak With Cafe de Paris Butter Sauce Comes to LYON

True, the best way to enjoy a good slab of perfectly grilled meat is to season it as little as possible. Sea salt, probably a crack of black pepper, and that should be it.

But then there’s one exception. If you haven’t dived into the art of eating enjoying your steak with Café de Paris butter, you have a discovery to make. Cafe de Paris is a complex butter-based sauce served with grilled beef.

Steak Cafe de Paris LYONFirst popularised in the 1940s, the steak is classically presented on a bed of the butter sauce on a platter atop a trivet with warming candle in the base and It has become legendary dish that has been synonymous with the French way of savoir-vivre.

One of the few places in Jakarta where you can enjoy Steak with Cafe de Paris Butter Sauce the most authentic way is in Lyon, one of Jakarta’s best French cuisine whose environment is sophisticated yet relaxed and focuses more on the use of fresh ingredients on their rustic French offerings.

In Lyon, Cafe de Paris is part of its Signatures menu and it is served with slices of entrecôte  or succulent sirloin steak, with unlimited golden thin-cut French fries.

Lyon is located in Mandarin Oriental Jakarta and is open everyday for lunch from 11.30 am-2 pm and for dinner from 6-10.30 pm. For reservations, kindly contact +62 (21) 2993 8824 or email to [email protected]


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