STARK New Craft Beer Collection

From today, beer enthusiasts in Indonesia will be able to try new variants from STARK, the only craft beer in Indonesia, made in Bali. The new six variants are Wheat, Dark Wheat, Indonesian Pale Ale (IPA), Low Carbohydrate Larger, Lychee Ale, and Mango Ale, made with advanced technique and using only the best natural ingredients without any preservative.

stark-beerProudly made in Indonesia, STARK’s variants have the Indonesian and Asian consumers’ palate in mind. The lychee and Mango ale for example, are the most popular and suitable flavors for hot days in tropical countries. All products from STARK are also made form natural drinkable water from a valley in Singaraja.

The Indonesian Pale Ale (IPA) is inspired by the popular English IPA (Indian Pale Ale). But different from its inspiration, Indonesian Pale Ale is less bitter but still distinguishable thanks to the new technique in craft beer community called dry hopping. Spices and citrus from Bali are also added to the blend, creating a tasty flavor.

Another variant catching many people attentions is the Low Carbohydrate Larger. The sugar amount in this beer are three times less than a normal beer! Now you don’t have to worry much about gaining weight when enjoying your drinks. It made possible by using a special enzyme during the fermentation process.

stark-beer_3STARK also produces wheat and dark wheat beers, which are really popular in Europe. But of course, all the ingredients are cultivated from the Bali island.

Besides having a new look, STARK’s website is also updated with some guides about food pairing to accompany your premium local beers! Soon in the future the brewery will export their beers to the international markets, with Singapore and Malaysia close in minds.

The new STARK variants will be available soon in select bars, restaurant, and premium liquor and grocery stores.

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