Standing hand in hand….

Greetings Jakartans!

I am writing to you with the sad news of the Manchester bombing that have shocked not only England and Europe but all over the world. A music concert, where things should be fun and entertaining, the extremists have taken their actions to a whole another level, hurting the young and restless. This we cannot stand!, and I believe all over the world, together hand in hand, our thoughts and prayers are with those who are affected and victims of the bombing. There is nothing more barbaric than the act of killing and hurting another human being.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, as we gear up for the holy month of Ramadan, let this be a time of reflection, a time of silence, to remember our sins, what we have done to one another, and what can be done to make things better. Check out hotels break fasting promotion package throughout the month on our website, and make your decision, while still making your decision of where to take your family during the Eid-al-Fitr holiday that is due upon us soon.

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Gibran Sani
Content Director
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