Spa Review: The Keraton Jakarta Spa Experience

Keraton Spa at The Jakarta recently announced its collaboration with Thalgo, French skin care company that’s renowned for its marine-sourced beauty products. As a hotel spa that prides itself with its modern interpretation of Javanese philosophy and beauty treatments in its spa range, I was keen to find out how they can combine it with the French skin care brand.

The new facial treatments are divided into specific skin needs, as signified by Thalgo’s range of skin care products; from  the Heart of the Ocean as the signature facial, Silicium Super Lift Facial as the anti-aging option, Brightening Facial, Thalgomen Facial, to Beauty Revealing Ritual.

For body treatment, Keraton Spa uses specially blended traditional oil with two types of Thalgo products: the relaxing Polynesia and Body Contour with Active Oxygen. The Thalgo package treatments include the hydrating Excellence Day Light, Radiance for Men, and Brilliance, which I am about to try.

First, I was escorted to the changing room, where where a row of vanity desks and mirrors as well as lockers and robes are waiting. Although it is not the most spacious, this changing room is seamlessly connected with the spa’s jacuzzi pool, shower areas, and also a sauna room which you can enjoy before or after the treatment.  In this changing room, an infused water dispenser and some healthy snacks are also provided for guests.

keraton spa jakarta jacuzzi room 2

keraton spa jakarta jacuzzi room

keraton spa jakarta changing room

After changing to my spa robe, I was guided to my treatment room, located right next to the changing room that has a beautiful view of Jakarta’s skyscrapers.

The Brilliance treatment, a 150 minutes treatment that will give me a ‘Brightening Facial plus Perfect Slim Effect body treatment’.

The ‘starter’ of my treatment was a very quick wash and exfoliate of my feet with warm water. After that, I lay on the massage bed to get my next treatment,  a 30 minutes relaxing massage using Thalgo’s special oil massage blend.

keraton spa jakarta changing room 2

keraton spa jakarta 2

After the massage, a gentle scrub was applied on me to scrub off my dry skin cells an impurities. I have to tell you, at this point, I could not really yet tell what happens to my skin, but it definitely smells amazing!

After the scrub, onward to the third step of my treatment: a nourishing and relaxing Thalgo silky smooth indoceane body wrap, after which a plastic wrap was tightly wrapped around my body. This might feel a little odd at first, especially for first timers like me, but in this treatment, no time is wasted so while waiting for body wrap to fully take effect (around 2 minutes) my therapist moves on to my last but not least treatment: The Thalgo Brightening Facial Treatment.

thalgo spa products indonesia

In this facial, no less than 9 different Thalgo products were applied onto me! Speaking of complete skin care regime. Nearly all Thalgo products are clinically tested to be very gentle to any skin, but in any case, your therapist will first asses your type of skin before deciding on which range to use. From oily, dry, to sensitive skin.

First, my face was cleansed using Thalgo’s super gentle cleanser milk and toner which leaves my skin very cool and refreshed, with no tingling sensation at all.  Second, a melt-in scrub with marine crystals was used to gently scrub my face. After clearing off all the scrub, I was given a very relaxing facial massage before moving on to another important part of the massage, a 2 layer massage using a bio-sensitive mask (because my skin is more sensitive than most) and an algae-based mask that hardens into a wax-like consistency to maximize the nutrients absorption.

I had to wait for about 20 minutes before I could get out of the all the wrap and mask. Let me just say that I was incredibly relieved once I can get out of head to toe cocoon!   After the mask gets cleansed off your face, the therapist will apply Thalgo’s face lotion, as well as anti-puffiness and dark circle eye cream, before applying a bio-repair face serum.

The result: I don’t think I’ve felt my skin any more dewy and supple and this. And did I mention how awesome all the product smells? The smell is reminiscent of organic tropical flowers and essential oil, a sign of no harsh chemicals used.

Along with the use of Thalgo range of products, Keraton also adds a new range of treatments, nail care in collaboration with Mavala, the Switzerland brand that is well known for its focus in natural nail care. Treatments are available for both manicure and pedicure, and are designed to treat every nail type by adding proteins and conditioners to strengthen, repair, and hydrate with prices starting from IDR 350,000++

Keraton Spa opens  daily from 11am to 11pm, with last treatment begins at 9.30pm. For more information or to reserve, please call 021-5068 0000 or email to [email protected]

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