Soft Opening of Rumah Engedi Kemang and Pantai Indah Kapuk

Founded by Veronica Juniar, a mother who is passionate about health for women and has dedicated herself to educating them on issues that affect the quality of life, Rumah Engedi is the first Wellness & Beauty Center to offer V-Spa in Indonesia. Following the success of its debut in Singapore during May 2015, it has expanded to Indonesia, opening up three additional branches in Kelapa Gading, Pantai Indah Kapuk and Kemang.

vspa_rumah_engedi_jakartav-spa_rumahengedi_jakarta2In today’s fast-paced day and age, maintaining an optimal sense of well-being by nourishing the body from within can often too easily be overlooked. While quick temporary solutions are everywhere, none can re- place the role of a regular remedy that naturally detoxify and rejuvenates the body. Our founder saw the significance of the impact such care and attentiveness have on our bodies and minds that extends beyond just the physical to the aesthetics when she discovered the centuries-old treatment technique of V-Spa in one of her travels to its place of origin in Korea. The treatments at Rumah Engedi adopts those ancient techniques that was used by the royal family of the Tang Dynasty for hundreds of years. Utilizing elements sourced from nature and developed to be applicable for use in modern life, our treatments focus on inner health and beauty.

The main treatments at Rumah Engedi are Navi-Spa and V-Spa. Using chairs that have been specially designed, Navi Spa utilizes a Far Infrared technology which gives clients all the positive benefits of the morning sun. Here, a tourmaline foot bath combines the detoxifying properties of tourmaline stones often used in 3 holistic medicine and infrared heat, resulting among other benefits, increase of blood circulation and body temperature.

The V-Spa chair, on the other hand, is accompanied by amethyst stones and hardwood coal to function as inducers of negative ions when heated. Using 9 different mixtures of herbs from Korea, V-Spa relieves everything from menstrual pain to infertility. In between, the benefits include reducing vaginal discharge and odor, increasing sexual vitality and skin radiance, along with healing allergies and skin problems. Because women’s most delicate area is exceptionally porous and absorbent, the medicinal properties of the herbal steam, including volatile oils, are released and absorbed into the bloodstream and the uterus, keenly maintaining its health. During the treatment, you will enjoy herbal teas from Korea to prevent dehydration.

Completing the Navi-Spa and V-Spa treatment, Rumah Engedi offers a selection of beauty treatments and Anti-aging treatment through Stem-Cell Therapy that are natural and requires no injections.

This treatment can be given to women and men alike, although for now, Rumah Engedi wants to focus on its use for women first. As long-forgotten tried and true methods of the ancient age begin to make their way back to modern society where the results are becoming increasingly evidenced, these treatments have opened up a whole new insight on the field of lifestyle and have improved the health and quality of life of our founder, which now becomes her primary motivation to spread them to everyone, most importantly women in Indonesia.

For further information, please contact:
Phone : +62 822 3440 4600
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