The 101 Hotel & Resort and PHM Hospitality are well known as of local hospitality brands that keep on pushing boundaries of how to operate in the digital world and how to engage their audience furthermore. This time around, in conjunction with Sketchwalker, a group of sketch fans from various backgrounds, the group will be holding 101 Travel Sketch beginning in Bandung on the 28 & 29 October to also celebrate Sumpah Pemuda and followed by various other cities like Yogyakarta (6 & 7 January), Palembang (10 & 11 February) celebrating Imlek, Bandung (14 & 15 April) Asia Afrika event, Malang (30 June & 1 July) Idul Fitri, Jakarta (18 & 19 August) Independence Day and Bali (TBA).

3The programme, which is fully supported by BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif/Creative Economy Board) is aimed for young people who love to sketch and travel, by introducing the landmark of Indonesia’s culture and heritage through their sketches as the group travels from city to city to remind people of the beauty of our country and to also promote a creative activity that keeps the young at edge on creating everything new. Creating art and experiencing local culture and heritage of the Indonesian people, the programme is seen to be a highlight on how to creatively love our country and do something positive.

1The 101 Hotel & Resort along with PHM Hospitality hopes to make an impact on the new generation of the beauty of Indonesian cities and to push the young to love and understand more of the country’s beautiful heritage. 101 Travel Sketch is a series of events in 8 cities in Indonesia that also coincides with the 45th years of Panorama Group. The event will also participate in the Event of Indonesia National Calendar of Ministry of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia.



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