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Here are Frequently Asked Questions about School Search Jakarta source by Santa Fe Relocation Orientation Program

You will find below are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to the school search in Indonesia.

1. How do I go about finding a school for my child in Jakarta?

Once you know that you are moving to Indonesia, you will need to have a look at the various schools that exist in Jakarta, and determine which schools cater to your specific nationality, religious aspirations, cultural background and requirements. There are several international schools to choose from here in Jakarta, ranging from Jakarta International School – JIS (American), Australian International School – AIS (Australian), British International School – BIS (British), Lycée International Francais de Jakarta – LIF (France), Deutsche Internationale Schule – DIS (German), Netherland International School – NIS (Dutch), The Gandhi Memorial International School – GMIS (Indian), Jakarta Japanese School – JJS (Japan), Singaporean International School – SIS (Singapore) and Jakarta International Korean School – JIKS (Korean) just to name a few.

2. Once I have selected a school, or schools, that may be suitable, what is my next step?

The more popular the school is, the more difficult the admission, hence we recommend that we make contact with the school as early as possible. An application may be submitted prior to your arrival in Jakarta. This is especially important if you’re coming from countries that may have different school terms. For example Australia, New Zealand and Singapore follow the calendar year (January to December), whereby others go from July to June the following year. These terms may affect your child having to repeat or gain 6 months of schooling.

3. How do the international schools in Jakarta compare to schools in other parts of the world?

International schools in Jakarta are recognised as some of the best international schools in the world, for their high standards of learning and success rates of graduating students, who have completed the US International Baccalaureate and British IB examinations.

4. Do the international schools provide Bahasa Indonesian language courses?

Most international schools do provide Bahasa (Indonesian) language courses to non-Indonesian speaking students. The amount of time spent each week on Indonesian Language courses, and the age groups that partake in these classes, vary from school to school. Generally, Indonesian classes are held a couple of times during the week to primary grade students. Once a student enters secondary school they may be able, depending on the school, to choose to study a language of their choice from a list of languages offered in the school curriculum. However, there is a private tuition option that offers to teach in a home environment, so it is best to investigate these avenues as well.

5. In order to gain entry into an International school will my child be tested?

Whether or not your child will be tested varies from school to school. For the American International School (JIS), children coming from American schools or American accredited schools do not have to be tested to gain admission, however placement tests are administered as part of the admissions process for all other applicants. The best way to find out if your child will require testing is to contact the schools of your choice directly and discuss your particular circumstances with an admissions officer.

6. My child has special needs, are there schools or centres that will attend to my child’s special needs?

Academic College Group (ACG) has an excellent learning development component that can be utilised by students with learning difficulties, as does the Australian International School (AIS) which is open to all denominations.

7. What are my options for nursery schools, kindergartens and playgroups?

Jakarta provides an excellent choice of activities and educational alternatives for pre-school aged children and caters from ages 1 – 6 years old. You can find the list under What’s New Jakarta’s Family Directories here


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