SAVOI Ultralounge : A Modern Interpretation

There are times when we are carving for a sophisticated evening, away from both daily life drama and stale conversations. We desire some profound experiences that will last in our memory.

That kind of luxury is packed in one concept created by SAVOI; a modern interpretation of an ultralounge with a contemporary atmosphere and sociable vibe. The latest addition to Enzo Group’s family, SAVOI, carters to their most discerning customers who deserve more than just service but also an attentively detailed one.

savoi 3 copyThe three stories building is located in Senopati area and is consist of a restaurant, club, and lounge. Each draped with sophistication and relaxing ambiance, and you will be able to choose either joining the crowd or having a more private moment. SAVOI serves premium spirits, curated wines, beautiful cocktails, and a mélange of contemporary cuisine.

savoi 4 copyThis year, SAVOI comes up with some new food and drinks on their menu. Appetizers ranged from the all-time favorite dishes, including chicken wings and fries. What makes it different though, the chefs have elevated the menu with luxurious ingredients such as truffle oil and yellowfin tuna. There are also chilled starters to choose from the menu.

savoi food

savoi 2

In many time, the menu at SAVOI, again and again, shows its inclination towards Japanese cuisine, twisted in a modern interpretation and mixed with ingredients that come from different part of the world. Their cocktail list also follows this trend.

cocktail savoi

On weekdays, SAVOI is a great place to chill out by yourselves or with your companions. On the weekends night, the space is transformed into a club scene without leaving behind its signature personal and intimate vibe.

SAVOI Ultralounge
Jl. Senopati 65 Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, 12110 Indonesia
(021) 52964960
[email protected]

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