Sanlorenzo : In The Depths of Luxury

Located in the Italian regions of Liguria and Tuscany, areas rich in nautical history, Sanlorenzo‘s exceptional shipyards have been building the highest-quality motor yachts since 1958. For nearly sixty years, the company has been at the forefront in creating bespoke motor-yachts in line with the style and need of its owners. Each of Sanlorenzo yachts is a unique product that is different from one to the other. Going through a 5-stage customisation process, the company believes that individuality is the main thing that drives all human to be exceptional and different. The company believes that great art cannot be mass-produced, and it is one of the mottoes of the company, where they believe that uniqueness is a selling point that surpasses all technology. Sanlorenzo believes that personal touch is what makes a motor-yacht an exceptional engine of its own. Their superyacht is highly customisable and can be built with everything from an internal elevator to a helipad, depending on the clients need.

With over sixty years of experience, the company, to date, has produced less than 500 superyachts, but this is what makes the brand an exceptional approach to create the voyage of your dreams. They believe that superiority comes from personal touch, and no one yacht should be the same. But creating a different yacht for different individuals does not mean that the brand doesn’t have an intricate detail that makes it Sanlorenzo. In each design, their yachts are characterized by minimal styling lines, a sleek structure, and a spacious layout. The dark line of windows that highlights the hull of each Sanlorenzo yachts makes the brand instantly recognizable, whilst also providing an elegant play of contrasts that speaks class and luxury.

Sanlorenzo yachts and superyachts are designed to suitably match the perfect demand of its discerning market. Each yacht and superyacht is built and designed in accordance with the clients need, but the basic range of yachts and superyachts by Sanlorenzo is the heart and soul of the brand that is their crowning achievement. The SL, SD and SX model is built combining signature styling with innovative new features and an incomparable level of possibilities for customisation. The maximum speed can reach between 28 to 32 knots and the overall lengths of all the SL, SD and SX series can range between 24 to 37 meters long.

Their superyachts selection are all an amazing feat on their own. With Alloy range, Steel range and the ultimate Explorer series, the superyachts business unit is borne out of a desire to provide the most adventurous unit for owners with the possibility to discover more remote corners of the world. A realization of the idea of a yacht that combines luxury with outstanding range capability, generous internal space, which can be modified to what client desires, it is hard not to fall in love with Sanlorenzo.

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