Sampling Japanese ‘Ozen’ at Momiji

Anyone that has tried Japanese food, surely have heard of the word “bento”, the common type of Japanese style boxed food people around the world have embraced. But there’s another unique Japanese way of dividing meals into several sections, called Ozen. In Japan, Ozen refers to a multi-course menu, for one person, and it basically refers to a lacquered tray with legs attached.

They are lined up on top of straw “tatami” mats, and diners eat directly atop the mats sitting in the “seiza” position with legs tucked under the thigh. Portions are served in edible sizes, and it is considered polite to finish every dish that you touch with your chopsticks.

This type of meal can be found in many Japanese restaurants around the world, including in Jakarta. One of which that we recently tried, is Momiji at Aston Priority Simatupang, the hotel’s main Japanese dining menu that has been open since April 2016.



Traditionally, an ozen consists of of five dishes (rice, miso soup, pickles, boiled/simmered vegetables and beans), but Momiji’s version differs slightly, and can be considered as a multi-course menu as it is served to you in sequence and not at the same time as with how Ozen is traditionally served.

First, you would get two types of appetizers. Ours was Agedashi Tofu (one of the restaurant’s best, in my opinion), and a vegetable Asian spring roll. The latter isn’t the most Japanese, but would satiate our love for crunchy food.

After that, the set menu continues with a serving of sashimi with salmon, tuna, and crab-stick and a small bowl of salad with wafu dressing. After that, you will get to sample Momiji’s moriawase or mixed tempura, with shrimp and vegetables, that is a perfect portion for one. 



Finally, comes the ‘main’ course, which you can choose from three types of protein: Salmon, cooked in miso glaze, Gindara cooked in sweet teriyaki sauce, and beef, also with teriyaki sauce. Your choice of fish or meat will come with white rice and miso soup, and salad.




After done with your main course, there’s still one ‘step’ to go before you’re done with your Ozen experience, which is the fresh dessert of sliced fruit and ogura ice cream. Such a refreshing combination


If we’ve whetted your appetite already, you will get even hungrier to know the price for all these 5 course set menu or Ozen. Only Rp. 120,000++ – Rp. 180,000++ (depending of which main course you prefer), you can enjoy the menu for lunch or dinner.

Momiji Japanese Restaurant 
at Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center
Jl. Let. Jend. T.B. Simatupang Kav. 9, Kebagusan, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 78838777


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