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Rumah Heritage JakartaThe heritage house of Jalan Sam Ratulangi No. 46, located strategically at the corner of Jl. Sam Ratulangi and Jl. Cemara, Menteng, has always been the center of focus of Jakartans who love old buildings and houses. As one of the very few original heritage houses left in Jakarta, the house represents a significant time of an era in Indonesian history.

This Dutch colonial architecture, with more than a hundred years of history, was originally owned by Meneer Van Der Tas. Throughout the years, the house then became the center of happiness to several prestigious families, including a famous royal Indonesian family. Rumah Heritage Jakarta is now owned by a philanthropic couple who both are educators at the University of Indonesia and have genuine and passionate love for Indonesia, its people, and the Indonesian Culture.

The century-old historical house was renovated in 2017, yet maintains its original majestic colonial architecture, including its beautiful marbles and roof. The house features the typical characteristic elements of a heritage house in Jakarta, such as spacious front and back terraces, wide courtyard, distinct characteristic textures in the wall, and tall windows and doors with cross ventilations. Rumah Heritage Jakarta showcases a perfect blend of historic authenticity and contemporary sophistication, presenting an inviting atmosphere.

Rumah Heritage Jakarta sets to be the cornerstone of making unparalleled memories in the prestigious neighbourhood of Menteng, immersed in history and natural beauty. Now, by invitation, Jakartans can personally experience and appreciate this “Historical Huis” by holding exclusive events in this house.

Address Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 46, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10350

Telephone +6221 29627771, +6221 29627772

Email [email protected]

About Plataran Indonesia

Plataran Indonesia itself was founded in 2009 as an Indonesian company that houses various business units of tourism such as hotels, resorts, cruises, spas, restaurants, event venues and nature development area, spread across exotic regions in Indonesia. The word “Plataran” itself means “‘God’s most favourite courtyard”.

The underpinning concept of Plataran is summarized with the Three Xs, namely: eXoticism, eXperience and eXcellence, with an emphasis on being a True Indonesian Icon.

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