Review: Chilling at The Rosemary

Said to be Jakarta’s first ever gastropub, The Rosemary is open for you to try! Serving modern British cuisine accompanied with high quality self brewed beers, the pub got its name from the distinctive herb that often incorporated in their dishes. They are located neatly on the lower ground floor at Standard Chartered Building, Setiabudi.


The_rosemary_interior_2True to its roots, the family-ran pub looks charming in British style interior. The owner wishes to provide the ultimate comfort through a relaxing ambiance so anyone can come to chill and unwind during break time or after hour. I right away understand the concept when I entered the place. It does feel welcoming and homey.


The_rosemary_feulite_of_quail_eggsTo begin my culinary journey in this special place, I was served with Feulite of Quail Eggs as an appetizer. The dish cooked with salty sautéed mushroom and creamy hollandaise sauce, and served on top of a golden pastry. Besides the delicious combination between salty and sour, the play of texture between crunchy and silky make the dish a perfect introduction to the cook’s cooking style.

The_rosemary_brie_burgerSecond on my plate is a feast to my eyes, a juicy Brie Burger with homemade tomato jam, balsamic sauce, salad, and fresh baked buns, served with seasoned potato French fries on the side. The size of it is just perfect to fill a satisfying lunch, not too little or too much. It also tastes quite different from your usual fast food burger, thanks to the sweet homemade tomato jam that make the dish step up to another level. Most of the vegetables served at The Rosemary are also self grown in Lembang, Bandung.

The_rosemary_eton_messFor dessert, I was served a big plate of Eton Mess, a sinful combination between crunchy meringue, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, mints, and fresh strawberry. The dish may sound heavy, but it actually feels quite light, especially because the ice cream melts in your mouth. The balanced combination between sweet and sour will make you smile the whole day.

The_rosemary_ginger_beerI was also introduced to two type of drinks, both are fresh and suit the meals really well. The first one is Ginger Beer, which is a combination of ginger ale, lime, brown sugar, rosemary syrup, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, and star anise. Every sip feels natural and fresh. The ingredients will also make your throat and body warm.

The_rosemary_LLLThe last drink to be served is called L.L.L, an acronym from lemongrass, lychee, and lemon. As you can imagine, the taste is quite strong but fresh and bubbly. Due to lemongrass in it, the drink also has a bitter quality that make it even more special.

Visit The Rosemary and enjoy your time in comfort!

Review by Gabriella Anita Ariffin


LG Floor, Podium Side Entrance
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio no.164
T: 021 255 32552

Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – MIDNIGHT

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