Entering Blue Terrace’s World of Super Food and Floral Frills

blue terrace jakarta frontThe message is clear; this new restaurant of Ayana Midplaza Jakarta, is as healthy as a restaurant in a hotel chain could be. A quick scan of the restaurant’s very effective menu will tell you several things: vegetables and ‘superfood’ are crammed absolutely everywhere, except maybe the desserts, and cooking with heat are kept to a very minimal. The concept is very common in Ubud, Bali but in Jakarta, this is probably one of the few places in Jakarta that ‘dare’ to do such thing.

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Surprisingly, for the time being at least, Blue Terrace only have two items in fussy health nerds’ most crucial time of the day: breakfast. We tried one of the two, the open fruit sandwich that has toasted multi-grain bread with low fat ricotta spread and signature toppings of fruit and honey. It is nothing too extra-ordinary although the farmer style multi-grain bread has nice texture and perfect crust.

blue terrace jakarta ayana midplaza 8half of the the all day dining items are mostly raw salads, and the other half still incorporates grains, vegetables of all kinds, and only uses very lean protein. There’s the Refreshing Salad with crab meat tossed with avocado, celery, fennel, green apple, pomelo or Jeruk Bali, mint, and coriander. The combination is light yet accentuated that you can taste each ingredient that I mentioned.

If you still find raw food quite challenging, the pan seared salmon and with mushroom and crushed potatoes can be your best bet. Served with fresh diced tomatoes and basil, this would probably the most non-vegetable eater friendly. Or you can also try the roasted chicken and sauteed broccoli, tossed with pumpkin seeds, goji berries, chili, and lemon seasoning.

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blue terrace jakarta ayana midplaza 7There is also pan seared yellow fin tuna served with quinoa salad mixed with diced vegetables, quail egg and tossed in candlenut pesto dressing. Tossed salad, is the name of the game, seems like. And of course, all of the main menu items are gluten free.

The dessert selection, however, is not and doesn’t share the same nutritional idealism as the mains. Choices are classic layers of traditionally sweetened cakes, curds, cremeux, and even cream cheese although delicately decorated with earthy color tone to visually complement the healthy theme.

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The edible flowers that are liberally used in almost all the dishes, can either excite or deter the traditionally trained eyes. The floral touches can also be found all over the restaurant, which along with the colorful food make Blue Terrace very Instagram-friendly.

Spare for the desserts, I have never felt so light after multiple plates of meals. The flavors are robust yet clean, and probably would be too clean for those that are used to Asian and Indonesian intense flavors. But perhaps, this is the perfect time to start, for the sake of our guts!

Blue Terrace is also where AYANA MidPlaza displays all of its bread selection, which now includes to go sandwiches and salads, as well as coffee and tea selection. For more information about Blue Terrace:

Blue Terrace at AYANA MidPlaza JAKARTA
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Tel: +(62) 21-2510888

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