9 Reasons You Must Visit Flores

Flores (from the Spanish word meaning “flowers”) is part of the immense chain that comprises the archipelago of Indonesia. Lying close to the equator, Flores is a long, narrow and rugged island marked with dramatic volcanoes and beautiful mountain lakes and forests.  We list the most prominent attractions that are commonly referred as Flores, but in fact part of the larger East Nusa Tenggara province:

1. Three colored Kelimutu Craters


Located about 50 km east of Ende, Kelimutu is the must visit place in Flores. The name refers to both the national park and the active 1,690 meter high volcano that has three different-colored mineral lakes on its peak. The color changes with the varying mineral release from the crater, and its color would change periodically from red, turquoise, green, to dark green.

2. Wae Rebo Village, Ruteng

Wae Rebo Village

About 1200 meter high above sea level in the Manggarai district, lies the indigeneous village of flores called Wae Rebo. It is home to 7 cone shaped houses that has been home to its people for more than 19 generations. In these houses which symbolize the people’s cosmos, they perform their daily lives far from the maddening crowd. To reach this village, you must trek approximately four hours by foot from the lowland. This village is one of the many destinations that is more popular to international tourists compared to Indonesians, so you will more likely to see westerners visiting this village instead of domestic tourists.

 3. Bena Traditional Village, Bajawa


Visiting the traditional Bena village in Bajawa is like going back to the stone age. The village consists of two parallel rows of traditional, high thatch-roofed houses. Visible in the center of the village are ngadhu and bhaga, pairs of shrines – one for each clan of the village – representing the clan’s ancestors. Another distinct feature is the megalithic formations in the village center.

 At the end of the village, elevated on a small hill, a viewpoint with a Virgin Mary shrine gives you the opportunity to have a bird eye’s view over Bena and a wider view of the beautiful surrounding landscape. In this village, visitors can also buy locally crafted ikat, or tie-dyed woven cloth.

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  1. We would also add Gurusina traditional village, located a few kilometers from Bena. It is one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. Here are our pics: http://www.whattoseenext.com/indonesia-flores-gurusina-village

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