Rainy Season – Watch Out for The Flood, Jakartans!

The rainy season is coming! By the year of 2013 Jakarta flood happened, the capital of Indonesia, which, in addition to areas in downtown Jakarta, also affected several other areas surrounding the city, such as West Java and Banten. An important part of the flooding problem is caused by the fact that a substantial part of Jakarta is low-lying. Around 24,000 ha (about 240 square km) of the main part of Jakarta is estimated to be below sea level.

Flooding can become severe if heavy rain happens to coincide with high tides. When this happens, high tides tend to push water into low-lying areas just as the runs off from rains in upland areas such as nearby Bogor is flowing down into the Jakarta area. So, this is what you have to do before and when it happens:

Before the Flood

• Working devotion to clean the drains

• Conducting draining , closing and hoard the objects that can become mosquito breeding

• Disposing of waste in place

• Provide clean water storage tub when Flood

• Evacuation family to a higher place

• Turn off electrical equipment / power source

• Secure valuables and important documents to a safe place

• Participate set up tents, kitchens making of public

• Engage in aid distribution

• Propose to establish a health post

Facing a flood :

• At the time of the flood we should soon be possible to secure valuables to higher ground.

• Turn off the electricity in the home or contact PLN to turn off power in areas affected by flooding. Disconnect and remove all electronic goods , lower electrical fuse to prevent electrical surge and shock.

• Trying to flee to safer areas as early as possible while still allowing for a puddle in the cross.

• Avoid walking near sluran water to avoid flooding swept away.

• If the water continues to escalate contact related agencies such as disaster management head office village, sub-district and village chief.


Well, this is what can we do to prevent the flood: Don’t throw garbage in rivers or waterways.


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