Pullman Jakarta Central Park Presents ‘Hilal’, a Festive Iftar Gathering at Grand Ballroom


Hilal, means crescent moon in Arabic term, is used by muslims around the world to determine the beginning and the end of the Ramadhan, the most holy month in the Islamic calendar tht is characterized by prayer, reflection and fasting, as well as the centuries old tradition of sharing Iftar among families and friends.

Pullman Jakarta Central Park brings and offers to this tradition by organizing a memorable Iftar presentation with beautiful royal Middle Eastern festive ambiance with authentic Arabian and Indonesian cuisines at Pullman Ballroom with exclusive presentation from Executive Guest Chef from the Middle East.


After a light fast breaking, iftar is usually followed by a short prayer, which space the hotel has provided a adjacent to the ballroom area. While on the dining venue, the ballroom will be transformed into an Arabic mirage with colored silks, antique lanterns, and comfortable couches and comfy lounging area which will take guests to a whole different Iftar experience. There will be also Middle Eastern entertainment of dance and music to complete the ambience, with sufi dance, live gambus music, and more.


Hilal Iftar Gathering menu includes tantalizing array of appetizers (Baba ganoush, Baydh mahshi, Hummus, Tabouleh, Chicken salad with lemongrass and lime, Green been with plecing sauce and tuna, Indonesian salad), soup (Sawrabat al-nikhi, Tauto, Indonesian Soup of The Day), signature dishes (Lamb kafsa, Shawarma, Shish taouk, Egyptian omelette).


For the main course, you can enjoy a spread of authentic middle eastern dishes (Al-Mandi, Dajaj shawarma, Yakhnet samak) and various Indonesian satay of the day, palatable meat and seafood dishes, selections of healthy Indonesian vegetable dishes). End your meal well with delctable desserts (Baklava, Umali, Fresh fruits, Indonesian traditional desserts), Ta’Jil (Traditional Kolak, dates, Indonesian favorite Tajil selections), and drinks (Moroccan mint tea, Turkish coffee) which are served on a daily basis. For Shisha fan, Shisha lounge and selections drinks are also available.

This exclusive program is available daily and priced at IDR 250,000++ per person starting from 6 June to 5 July 2016, from 17 :00 – 22 :00. Additional charge is apply for Shisha and traditional drinks.

Reservation is recommended especially for group bookings, enquiries can be made through phone call at +6221 29200088 ext. 3004, or email to [email protected]

Pullman Jakarta Central Park

Podomoro City Jl. Let Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28 Jakarta 11470 – Indonesia



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