Profile of The Month: Adji Sujianto, COO of Nomi Group

Adji nomi group indonesia

Tell us your journey with Nomi Group
Before working for Nomi, 16 years ago, I had worked in Panasonic Gobel’s F&B department for about 5 years. It was a comforting zone for me, with great benefits, but at that time, I felt it lacked challenge. So I went to several other jobs in finance, then I realized it was not my thing, until I joined Nomi. At that time, Anatolia was just 6 months old, and at that time I knew nothing about Indian or middle eastern food! Now, I basically run all the operations of the group and do all aspects of the restaurants, even to developing menu with the chef.

Your view of today’s Jakarta’s ethnic dining?
I think the era of real ‘authentic’ destination dining is slowly fading away. We need to always look at the market, not always on the concept. So companies like us, with strength in authentic food, will have to be more creative in grabbing the market.

One of Nomi’s strength, is your Cater King. What do you think?
Yes. It is Nomi’s service of one stop catering that can be tailored to any event. From gala dinners to small scale luncheon, 20 to 30 people, with any kind of cuisine requested, not only middle eastern or Indian food. We have loyal customers from the expat & embassy community that will only use our service for any of their dining events.The key is about delivering what your most loyal customers to the smallest detail, and it is not only about the food, but about the service. I personally will come to your event to make sure that everything run smoothly, no exceptions, as a personal touch. There are even times even when our clients only ask for specific service needs for their events; Bartenders? Sommeliers? we have it.

How did you manage to single-handedly grow Cater King?
Firstly, I am involved in the board of The Indonesian-Norway Business Council. Secondly, I am involved in nearly all chambers of commerce and business community in Jakarta; IFCCI, Ekonid, Britcham, and also Internations. This helps me a lot to market my business through word by mouth to grab the market, especially considering how specific the expat community is.

maroush jakarta
Maroush Jakarta

Challenges in this business?
Of course in the field, there’s always something that gets in the way, There’s a lot of risk factor in the F&B. But because I am truly passionate about this industry. Nothing will seem like a big obstacle, as long as you are smart about it. Nomi, as a group of businesses, must be smart in strategizing and using all of our business outlets to sustain each other up.

Tell us more about your plans for this year?
Around April, we are opening a new restaurant in Gunawarman that will be located in a building that our company owns. Casual Modern Indian restaurant that is totally different with what we’ve done, and with anyone has done in Jakarta, really. It’s something different. There’s going to be classic items, but will be differently presented, and will have different twist as well. As well as a little bit of middle eastern items. On the top, we’ll have a rooftop bar and lounge, that focuses more in cocktail. You’ll see! it’s a very exciting project.

Why Gunawarman?
The Senopati and Gunawarman area is currently the hottest area for F&B business right now. And at the same time, our building has positive vibes in terms of feng shui too.

For you personally, how do you unwind?
Personally, from day to day, I always eat in this restaurant, but at night when I do have the time off, I like to try new restaurants and new places in town both to enjoy and to see keep up with the trend. I also enjoy traveling.

Thanks for the time, Adji, best of luck and can’t wait to hear about the new restaurant!
Likewise, we’ll definitely share the news with What’s New Jakarta’s readers in due time.

For more information about Nomi group and its restaurants, visit their website, or call 0813 8090 6767  for Cater King.

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