Primary Students of Global Jaya International School Share Learning Journey Through Art Exhibition

On the 31st of January 2018, Global Jaya International School held an exhibition called Art for Cause by its year 6 primary students. This exhibition is part of their final year program to showcase their 6 years of learning journey in the school and it demonstrates their ability in identifying real-life issues through art pieces.

Before going into the process of making the art piece, students went all the way to West Sumatra to visit several places in Bukittinggi and Padang to find problems that locals experience there. After the visit, each student picked one issue and must visualize the theme into art pieces. But they didn’t just have to make the art themselves, but were also required to understand the issue and to be able to explain how it became his/her concern. The making process also required their thinking skill, social skill and creativity which they acquire through 6 years learning.

The issues that the students showcased ranged from poverty, environmental, and even terrorism. This meaningful event also invited IB schools in Indonesia to show its primary students about Indonesia’s real-life issues through art. (put)

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