Prenup No More for Mixed Couples | Jakarta Dreads an FPI-fueled Rally on Friday

Dear Jakartans!

Big news for mixed marriage couples, Indonesia’s Constitutional Court has decided last week to eliminate the requirement for a prenuptial marriage agreement in Article 29 of the 1974 Marriage Law, which means Indonesian spouses of foreigners can now purchase a plot of land or a building without having to create a prenuptial agreement separating the ownership of their property, The Jakarta Post reports.

The big news that has been circling around is the massive anti-Ahokrally that a coalition of Muslim groups plans to hold this Friday (4 Nov). The Jakarta Police has said that they will deploy as many as 20,000 personnel to safeguard the rally, which is predicted to be larger than a previous one on Oct. 10 which saw more than 5,000 people. The rally is said to be held after Friday prayer, starting at Istiqlal Mosque and moving towards the State Palace. Other likely sites include Gambir area, Jakarta City Hall, MPR/DPR building, Bung Karno Stadium, and Bundaran HI. We hope the rally will not come with any violence or cause any massive traffic. Stay safe people!

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