Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House: Savor the Continental Brunch and Lunch

Poach’d brunch menuis  inspired by brunch styles from countries around the world. So in addition to its highlighted Australian brunch, you can also also try their amazing brunch options inspired by French, Moroccon, Indian, Texan, Spanish, Indonesian, and even vegetarian cuisine. But, if you’re coming for lunch, Poach’d also serve some delectable dishes, both from the east and western hemisphere of the world.

DSC_0373_First we tried the Spanish style brunch which instantly became our favorite. It consists of potato tortilla omelette, grilled chorizo, cheese, and piquillos coulis over saffron paella rice. The saffron paella rice is Spanish style rice dish and here in Poach’d cooked with a similar technique as risotto. Just like any other paella rice dish, the restaurant also mixed it with green beans and some vegetables topped with stir-fried mussels. To accentuate the Spanish style, this brunch dish is also using paprika spices into its paella rice and sauce which brings more flavor into the dish. And, we just love the potato tortilla omelet, a potato frittata style with dice of potato, onion, and shallot. All combine is definitely a pleasing experience to the mouth.

DSC_0399_Not only the brunch menu, we also try one of its lunch dishes, Healthy Grilled Salmon. For us, this is just an amazing healthy dish. It is fresh Norwegian salmon with wasabi crust, lemon and dill sauce, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, serves with quinoa sage risotto. If you think this could be dull in the flavor, we ensure you it is completely not. From every bite we took, we could taste such a rich and savory flavor. Cheesy, creamy, yet not greasy at all. The wasabi flavor is also not too strong and blends well with the soft salmon and sauce. This dish is also served with slices of parmesan cheese and parmesan tuile which complete the flavor.

DSC_0427_Poach’d also surprised us with its latte coffee, which is not written in the menu. You can get these Almond Caramel Sprinkle Latte and Chocolate Sprinkle Latte just anytime you came to the restaurant. The combination of its smooth latte and the sprinkle is perfect to accompany your brunch or even lunch.

Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House

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