#PLAY IN PROGRESS Glows at Plaza Indonesia

As you are going through branded items at Plaza Indonesia, one of the most prestigious malls in Jakarta, you might have a chance to find something utterly different this time. To support young local artists, Plaza Indonesia has given Abenk Alter, Ican*Agoesdjam, Rebellionik, and Muklay a complete freedom to transform a dedicated corner on its fifth floor.

Play in progress

A decorated pink door will lead you into this playful world, where all floors and walls are covered with glow-in-the dark doodles, and colorful artworks displayed to capture you eyes. So don’t hesitate when you see the door clossed, and get it right away! #PLAYINPROGRESS is Abenk’s statements to invite everyone to enjoy life and go after their passions.

Play in progress 2

As a motion graphic artist and visual jockey, Ican*Agoesdjam creates a video compilation that shows his nine artworks through a visual loop. While rebellionik installs a three dimension structure with some transparant layers which connected together with vibrant strings. Muklay compeletes the room with a contemplation area where four canvases hanging are his visualization of Sajadah, a praying mat.

The collaboration of the four local young artists has created contemporary artworks which can be enjoyed by the public. During the exhibition until 31 July 2017, Plaza Indonesia will also open a pop up store concept for young entrepreneurs called Pop On Plaza. Don’t forget to check out the limited edition T-shirt by the four artists during Late Night Shopping this month to show your support!

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