Perempuan Baru Talks About Women’s Issues in Indonesia

Held at Erasmus Huis on 20 May 2017, Perempuan Baru is an event collaboration between Horas Production, Jakarta Feminist Discussion Group, and Hollaback! Jakarta. During the event, guests were invited to watch a movie called Lamtiur (Brigther), and then participated in a talk show to discuss women’s issues in Indonesia.

Perempuan Baru_2The movie tells a story of a woman who decided to take control of her life despite the pressure from her community, and even from her own family. With captivating one long take technique, this movie is created by the director as a form of protest against conservative tradition and religion, which positioned women lower than men. The fact that the director is a woman only makes this movie even more precious.

The event continues with a talk show with five inspiring Indonesian women in their own respected fields. Karlina Supelli is the first female astronomer in Indonesia. Her talk involves her experience as a woman in education and science fields. Howi Amalia, a coder, also touches a similar topic, focusing on the issues when women work in men stereotyped fields.

Perempuan Baru_3Mursiyah, the principal from Ciliwung Woman School, discusses women empowerment. While interestingly, Muniroh Sunardi, an ex Indonesia Consulate General for Africa, starts a discussion on women as the head of family and men as a stay home parents.

Lastly, to get another perspective, Sarah Spronk from the Dutch Embassy shares about women empowerment in her country.

Perempuan Baru_1Still holding the traditional views on women, Indonesia is undoubtedly putting more favor towards men in general. As a country, for example, it still needs to face problems of marriage and pregnancy of underage girls, around 300.000 cases of violence towards women at home, as well as many complaints on gender equality in work, government, and community.

Perempuan Baru_5Perempuan Baru Movie Screening and Talkshow is a follow up from Women’s March Jakarta. Through this event and passions from all that have participated, the committee hopes to raise awareness about gender issue and encourage more women to break the wall of stereotypes.

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