Peking University High School (PKUHS) Shijingshan School Visit to Sinarmas World Academy (SWA)


A group of 14 Peking University High School Students of Shijingshan Campus visited Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) on September 26th and 27th during their organised EOTC outing to Indonesia. SWA Grade 10 students were assigned as buddies throughout the visit and the assigned activities. SWA talented multilingual students quickly brokedown the barriers of communication and built long sustainable friendships with the PKUHS Shijingshan students.

sinarmas_world_academy5During their visit they were exposed to a “sampler” of the SWA student experience through workshops in traditional Indonesian music, batik printing, Google Cardboard virtual reality workshops, Global Perspectives activities that examined cultural values, Economics projects that will look at the connections between Xi Jin Ping’s Belt and Road initiative and its impact on Indonesia, and a very special mathematics session with a visiting professor from the famous University of Waterloo Computing and Mathematics Faculty.

sinarmas_world_academy3The students finished off their visit with the after school activity of cooking and preparing several traditional Indonesian dishes.

Sinarmas World Academy
Jl. TM Pahlawan Seribu CBD Lot XV, BSD City
Tangerang 15322, Indonesia
P +62 21 53161400 Ext. 8282

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