PappaRich Brings Authentic Malaysian Delights to Jakarta

Jakarta – Since its inception in 2006, PappaRich has steadily grown from the home-country of Malaysia into a successful business comprising over 120 outlets worldwide. There are more than one million customers dining at PappaRich outlets monthly and the numbers are growing as PappaRich continues to strengthen its presence as one of the fastest growing international F&B brands. By incorporating the fine essences of different cultures and heritage, PappaRich aims to bring the authentic Malaysian flavours all over the world through the enjoyment of its quality wholesome food and homely ambience, for a most fulfilling experience unlike any other. Today, PappaRich has established 80 outlets nationwide in Malaysia. Since the brand first ventured into overseas market in 2012, PappaRich has made successful inroads to countries such as Australia, China, Singapore, USA, South Korea, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Indonesia. Indonesia marks the brand’s 11th country with the more than 130 outlet in the growing milestones of PappaRich.

The key to PappaRich’s remarkable progress lies in the passion of the people dedicated to creating authentic Malaysian cuisine from age-old traditions. Such devotion is reflected in the insistence of using only quality ingredients from their respective places of origin, for instance – flavoursome coconut sugar from Malacca, quality pepper from native Sarawak, premium curry powder and other choice ingredients for the preparation of Penang’s famous Char Kway Teow, Satay Skewers, including Curry Laksa which was touted as “The World’s 7th Culinary Wonder” by The Huffington Post. In efforts to stay true to the authentic tastes of Malaysian cuisine, all essential sauces and main ingredients are directly imported from PappaRich’s central kitchen in Malaysia.

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-10-11-41-amThis include the world’s most celebrated Hainan bread with over 70 years of history, as well as the country’s famous Durian Cheesecake among others, which are air-flown fresh from Malaysia. When it comes to enjoying Malaysia’s own unique Kopitiam experience, little comes close to PappaRich. Imagine an open bar that delights patrons with live spectacle of experts pulling ‘TehTarik’ or tossing of ‘Roti Canai’ on one end, while white breads are fluffed up in gush of hot steam on the other end. For the indulgence of coffee and tea aficionados, PappaRich presents its signature Pappa White Coffee – perfectly blended with proportional mix of coffee, black tea and milk – one that is distinctively aromatic, rich and smooth compared to a regular cuppa. Reason why it remains PappaRich’s most beloved pick by patrons around the world. Coupled with a wide array of delectable cakes and local desserts, patrons will almost certainly return to relish the PappaRich experience on the next visit.

“It has been our vision at PappaRich to introduce a sophisticated twist on traditional Malaysian cuisine and spread the culture to all corners of the world,” explained Sebastian Low, President of PappaRich Asia Pacific Region. “Malaysia has a most spectacular culinary background indeed. Just as growing international trends bring in more sumptuous fares to the usual Japanese and Western food, authentic Malaysian cuisine has gradually grown to represent the finest tastes of South East Asia. Based on Malaysia’s multiracial heritage – Chinese, Malay and Indian – we blend the tastes of each culture in a unique concoction of fresh ingredients and cooking methods. These 3 races also made up almost half of the world’s population and it is not surprising that Malaysian cuisine is widely accepted everywhere. With concerted efforts of the team and business partners, PappaRich is poised to bring authentic Malaysian cuisine to the world.”

The restaurant that will officially open on July 14th, 2016 by ribbon-cutting ceremony is located at fast growing area in The Metro Blok 6 No. JA – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara. It features an elegant post-British colonial décor and traditional furnishings from the bygone era. Decorative details ranging from the Nyonya-tile entrance, wall mounted clocks, vintage ceiling fans, arched windows, paintings to the rivet seats; will certainly transport diners back to the memory lane. Dining table with a touch of marble, expansive mirror fittings, dark wooden panels and stone walls are all elements that make up a classy atmosphere befitting one of the most stylish restaurants in town.

The Metro Blok 6 no. JA,
Jalan Mandara Permai VII Blok G-8,
Pantai Indah Kapuk,
Jakarta – Utara 14460

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