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Kuningan houses many of Jakarta’s top restaurants and bars. Due to the popularity of the area as a central business district, Kuningan has grown to become one of Jakarta’s most sought-after hang-out spots on weekdays, and even weekends. Some of the finest bars and restaurants are housed in the office buildings scattered in the area, and what’s beautiful about the area is that Kuningan still keeps itself busy all through the night and through the wee hours on weekends. Here are four venues in Kuningan that are just perfect for laidback drinking or serious culinary adventures.



Fans of Nikkei cuisine take notice! (Nikkei is the lovechild of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, mind you). Located on the retail tower rooftop level of Menara BTPN, Fat Shogun’s aim is to stay true to the culture and heritage of Nikkei cuisine that dates back to the 18th century when Japanese immigrants travel to Peru. Guests can indulge in the variety of Peruvian infused Japanese cuisine like Tuna Tataki, Ceviche Red Snapper, Tostados Tuna/Salmon, Tiradito Salmon, Black Sod Misoyaki and so much more. But for those looking to indulge for a boozy afternoon then their selection of alcohol beverages will surely delight. Check out Sake Shogun for an authentic fare, Sake Dap De’I and so much more.


Menara BTPN – Retail Tower, Rooftop Level

Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav. 5.5 – 5.6

Mega Kuningan




Jakarta’s newest sports bar offering a hearty selection of Irish food and western cuisines and an amazing bar choice that you can indulge with whatever time of the day. McGettigan’s can be safely said as an Irish Bar, but apart from it being a great place to hang out, watch the latest games with your colleagues, the venue also offers some local fares like Sop Buntut, and other western classics like fish & chips and their delicious burgers.

McGetiggans Interior
Menara BTPN – Basement 1

Jl. Dr Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Mega Kuningan




These two restaurants are located in the same building, same space and operated by Culinary Collective offering different types of cuisine. One Eyed Jack is a modern Izakaya concept with twists on this age-old Japanese cuisine, and their Tuna Crispy Rice and Ribeye Crispy Union are definitely to die for!. The group’s concept of social eating is defined in perfect setting as we see the marriage of two very different restaurants in one setting. While One Eyed Jack offers a respectful perspective of original Japanese cuisine, Up In Smoke is an homage to the great barbecue cooking of the western hemisphere. With two smokers and a parilla grill, guests can almost guess that the meat selections here are pretty serious. So if you’re up for some slow-cooked smoke brisket, then Up In Smoke is one of the very few places in Jakarta to visit.


RDTX Tower – Ground Floor

Jl. Prof DR Satrio Kav E-4 No. 6

Mega Kuningan





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